Tuesday, November 18, 2008

You Need a Wrap Too

Special thanks to RasJane (and her adorable sons) for letting me use so many of their photos in this post! I am still a relatively inexperienced wrapper, and didn't have many pictures of my own! I have linked to photos of a number of other carries that are publicly posted at TheBabyWearer. I used links rather than copying the actual photos because I do not have permission from those individuals to use their actual photos here.

A few months ago I wrote a post called "A Dozen reasons to have a ring sling" so here is the sequel...a dozen ways to wear a wrap...

1--cradle hold (mostly for newborns--it doesn't work so well as they get longer)

2--little baby upright--head tucked in (for sleeping, or for little ones before they can hold up their heads)

3--little baby upright--head out (when the little one can hold his head up himself)


5--rucksack carry with a little one

here is a slightly older child in the same carry (with legs long enough to hang out)

6--side/hip carries

7--around 1 yr old--facing in with legs tucked in for a cold day
(yes, when he wiggled his toes it did tickle my armpits ☺)

8--the next month--facing out, legs out (on a warmer day!)

9--you can even use a wrap when you're pregnant (I've done it, although with a smaller child than the one in that photo, so it wasn't quite so awkward!)
ahh, here's another one

10--Here are some photos of other ways to tie wraps--there are literally dozens of ways to tie the same wrap (and end up with more or less the same position for the child). Each person seems to find one or two that are easiest for them, but just so you know there are a lot of options out there...
loopy shoulder link
extra twisties behind baby

11--here are a few carries that are adapted (or taken directly) from indigenous cultures...honestly these ones make me a little nervous because many don't go over shoulders, but I know that if I knew how to do them correctly, they would be secure and comfortable too.
this one is nursing!
several angles of one carry

12--by the way, wraps will even work for that not-so-little one who really needs some mommy at the exact moment that mommy really needs to be cooking dinner...

(Incidentally, this is basically the same tie she used above, just wrapped around a bigger kid. And she just posted an awesome video tutorial for how to do it!)


The Thalman's said...

I LOVE wraps. I think they are my all time favorite baby carriers. There is just something about a simple piece of cloth!

Jennifer said...

I don't know how people get the babies tied on in the right position. Do you tie the sling on prior to putting the baby/child in or while trying to hold the baby in position? I could never figure this one out.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love your header photo. My dh spent a summer in Alaska and is determined to get us to go visit someday.

RasJane said...

I'm glad I could be useful!
I was thinking as I sent you the links, that I really need to be better about taking pictures with my kids being worn. It won't last forever!
I just wish so much that I had been aware, or someone had taught me to babywear with M!

nicole said...

Wow, cooking with the baby strapped to me? That would make my life sooo much easier! Baby Jakey is going through a little separation anxiety phase, so it seems like everytime I put him down he starts to cry... thanks for the tips!

Miche said...

Man, that back carry looks just like what I need for some good hiking (and cooking!) but I would just be so nervous to try. I'm going to check out the La Leche girls and see if they can help me out, but I think I'm going to go with an ergo after hearing all the comments from everyone. I'll let you know how the meeting goes as soon as I can. Thanks for the helpful tips!

Jenni said...

There are two types of wraps--woven and knit. Knit wraps are slightly stretchy, woven wraps are not. Only woven wraps are considered safe for back carries. I didn't know this when I wrote this post originally. I have tried doing back carries with a knit wrap and they just stretch and the kiddo slides too much...
So get the wrap that works best for the kind of carry you want to do. Or, you know, get multiple carriers. That's what most folks seem to do!

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