Friday, January 30, 2009

Occasionally I Write Something Brilliant

This post will be updated periodically so as to reflect a current list of my best or most popular posts.

When Someone Miscarries (this gets more hits from google searches than anything else here)
(please also visit my link "concerning miscarriage" on the sidebar)

Interfering with Nature and Bringing Down Women

Life in Pelican, Alaska (my lifestyle in a town with 70 people, no roads, and lots of grizzly bears)

Why is Modern Society so Backwards? (or, why I practice attachment parenting)

Humorous Posts (because laughing is good for you)
Chocolate Cake
Fire Insurance


nicole said...

Great posts. I especially like the life in Pelican post... what a fascinating lifestyle. And I appreciate the thoughtful post on what to say/do when someone has a miscarriage. Thanks for sharing!

nicole said...

OH yeah, and the Interfering with Nature post is my fave! I LOVE being a woman, and everything that naturally comes with it, and I'm grateful that you are bold enough to share your insights! Love it!!

Jennifer said...

Ok I just have to tell you... Since you explained what a crunch mom is to me I've use it in conversations many times. It's pretty funny! When I have an explanation for a mom who is an avid natural birther or something like that I am like "like a crunchy mom... Have you hear of it?" then I go through the definition you told me! It's so cool!

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