Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Importance of Feet

The other night Hubby and I were talking, and the subject turned to a particular relative of ours whom I'll call Marge (because that is not her name). ☺ She's the spouse of one of his cousins, so we don't see her terribly often, but sometimes at extended family gatherings she's there. She has a daughter near Wolf's age, and a son just a couple of months older than Bear, and she seems to have concluded that she and I clearly have a lot in common.
The first time I met her was right before Bear was born, (when she had a newborn), she was asking me how the pregnancy was going, and I said it was great--because it was. She told me about she hated being pregnant but it was nice to have the kids, although she was definitely done because three was her MAX (here was me who had been praying to be able to have a baby at all but hey, she didn't know that), and then she concluded "I have just one thing to say about birth: drugs drugs DRUGS!"
Um, I don't feel that way. ☺
But it was one of those casual social situations and she was getting ready to go so I said nothing.
A few months later she was again present at the gathering when we announced that we were looking at taking a job in rural Alaska. She rolled her eyes at Hubby and then turned to me and said "you're ok with that? If my husband took a job like that he would be going alone!" Her tone left no doubt about the finality of her feeling.
This summer we saw her again. She asked how my etsy shop was going, and announced that she had a fabulous idea for a product I could sell "they're super easy to make and sell for, like, $20!" Suffice it to say that the item she described was something I can only define as 'froo-froo,' something I do not have (or want) the supplies for, something I would never use myself, and good grief why would I put it in my store, you know? Again, I smiled and nodded and said well, that's not really my thing and went to find someone else to talk to.
She-who-is-not-really-named-Marge is a very nice woman, but she just makes me a little crazy, you know? So it was this craziness that Hubby and I were discussing...
I said "I really have nothing in common with her," to which Hubby replied "sure you do, you both have feet."
Clearly, this is an important point upon which to base a friendship.


Becky N. said...


I'm sorry, first of all, that you have to put up with something like that, even if it's infrequent.

But... I'm dying to know - what's the froo-froo item she wants you to sell? You can tell me, I'm sure it will only make this story better!! :)

Brooke said...

He makes a good point!! Especially since you don't have to see her too often :)

Mommy Bee said...

The froo-froo item was taking a wipes case (you know, the plastic cases that disposable baby wipes come in) and then decorating it with designer fabric, ribbons, bows, glitter, etc, and then using it for a little storage container (maybe for a wipes container, I don't know!)

Mommy Bee said...

I should add that there was a lady in my ward a few years ago who did not have feet--she only had one foot (having lost the other leg at the knee)--and she was SUPER COOL.
So see, feet aren't everything. ♥

Mallory said...

LOL. That's great. I think it will really help me when I am struggling to get along with some one who I have "nothing" in common with. I will quietly remind myself that we both have feet! It's true enough, and it will make the situation seem lighter! *sigh* I really love your blog.

Mommy Bee said...

Thanks Mallory, you're very sweet. ☺
I really didn't have anything interesting to say--it was my husband who was being brilliant. ☺

Elizabeth said...

Hey, I have feet too! We can be friends now! LOL. Don't you just love people like that?? At least it makes for a funny story!

Cynthia said...

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