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Me with my three boys, early 2010

I have formed my parenting philosophy slowly (it's certainly a work in process), and I glean from many sources. I read a variety of parenting books, talk with other parents whom I respect, and spend a lot of time pondering and observing my children and others.
The most basic foundation of my philosophy is that my children are my equals. Yes, I am their parent for now, but I am not superior to them. Our mortal life is very small in the eternal scheme of things, and my time in this position of leadership is brief. Yes, it is my job to care for them and teach them, but I do my best to be a mentor and guide rather than a dictator or a sergeant.
I do not think of my children as "little adults" because they are not adults yet: their learning and understanding has not yet grown to that stage. However, I also do not see my children as little beings to be mastered: a dog has a master, a child needs a teacher. I endeavor to demonstrate the behaviors that I want them to emulate, so I respect them as I expect them to respect me (and everyone else).

The standard term for my basic philosophy is "Gentle Discipline," and before you go off in a huff thinking that that's code for "not disciplining" or having wild children (which I admit is what I used to think), please take a minute to go read my post Gentle Discipline: Laying it Out (what GD is, isn't, and why it is actually more effective than being a drill sergeant).

I have (and will) delve deeper into various aspects of parenting in other posts, but this post is just to explain the basics, and then to link to those other posts (so that you can read further if you want to). (Anything not currently linked has not been written/posted yet, but don't worry, it's coming!)

If you would like to recommend any parenting resources that you have really liked, please feel free to do so!

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