Monday, December 31, 2007

Bloggy Tips

I thought about making a new category for these, but I don't really have THAT many of them, so I decided to just make a single post about it and then link it from my sidebar. ☺ Truthfully, I found all these things by googling, so you can find them too...but hey, I'll give you a shortcut.
(this post will be updated if/as applicable)

--->This is where I got directions for making a 3 column layout OR a wider 2-column layout (there are others, but this is the one I used) (This is another one that I came across just recently...) It gives the step-by-step directions for changing the html code to change the layout on your blog. It looks a little overwhelming but just remember to make a backup like it says, and that way if you ruin it all it's easy to go back and try again!

--->This is where I got directions for putting margins between my columns (I didn't need it on this page, but I did need it for my shop blog, which is much more complicated!) Once you've done the 3-column thing, this is a breeze!

--->This is where I got directions for making my labels into a word cloud (so that the more-used topics have bigger text and all that) This does involve getting into your html code, but it's a copy and paste thing, rather than making changes, so it's pretty easy--just pay attention to the directions!!!

--->This site has all the info for making a scroll box for text, graphics, or code (To do code, go to his FAQ for directions)

--->This post has VERY EASY instructions (much easier than the last site) for posting a button with the code to copy it. I have been through lots of sites with complicated directions (like the one above) but this one has simple copy/paste (and replace) code. It's only applicable for buttons (which is why I've left the previous link), but it's very user friendly. ☺

--->Blogger Buster has a bunch of neat widgets, such as the top commenter one or the most popular posts (as determined by how many comments they have). They are extra easy to use because all you have to do is enter your URL into the blank and they will send the code over to your blog--no cutting and pasting or even following directions! Once they shoot it over to you, you can move it around in your layout just like any other widget.

--->This has weather widgets for the USA and Canada. Just enter your zip code and it will give you the code to copy and paste!

A basic note about html (if you are not familiar with it): every code has to have an opening and a closing tag. The opening tag has the information about what to do with the text, and the closing tag uses a slash / to indicate the end of the designated code. SO to make something bolded, you put <"b> in front of it, and <"/b> at the end (no " but if I left that out then it would actually function as the tag, bolding my text there and not showing the tag!)
The html used in web layout is more elaborate, but the same rules apply--everything has to open and close. So if you get an error message of some kind when making changes to your layout, just go back to your saved version, and try again--paying attention to make sure that when you copy/paste code around you are not missing any critical little < or } or anything like that!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Right On Brother!!!

(From Sunstone Magazine, Oct 2007 issue)

On Fire

You know what really really bugs me? Offends me to my very core?
Rude Smokers.
Do people have a right to smoke? Sure. I think it's gross but if they want to do it, the law says they can, so ok, go ahead.
BUT, the law also says you're not supposed to do it in public buildings, nor in the doorways of such... In other words, when I walk to the store, and hang my raincoat on the outside hook before going in (as per the request on the sign), then I should be able to come back outside and put my coat on again without having to be subject to a cloud of smoke. To say nothing of the smoke of THREE people like happened to me last week.
I am offended by the people who choose to smoke in doorways like that. It is against the law in a lot of places--it may not be here in Alaska, I'm not sure, but it is rude regardless.
And if you don't mind forcing your secondhand smoke on me, can you at least respect my baby and not force it on him?!
Seriously, do what you want to yourself, but don't touch my kid. One of these days I'll go all 'mama bear' and smack you.

My 7yo son always coughs loudly and says things like "He's smoking mom, that's bad for you," or "smoking is yukky" when we walk past a smoker. I never shush him. I don't often have the guts to speak up about it, but I should, and I'm glad that he does!

Going There Again

I've recently read some more things on this subject, and feel the need to preach it again...(last time was here). Circumcision hurts boys and men, yes. It also hurts their wives. And their mothers. In other words, it hurts everyone. How did this ever get to be considered acceptable, let alone 'normal'?!

I will tell you here and now that if you think circumcision is ok, you will probably be offended by this site.
I also highly recommend going there.
The more I learn, the more I am thankful that my baby is intact...and the more I wish I had known more sooner, and that I could have somehow spared other babies...and thus I try to spread the word to whomever I can, in the hopes of teaching one mother, one father, and sparing one more baby...

Monday, December 10, 2007

How We Met--Boy Scout Trip

Another installment in the 'how we met series'
(if you don't know what this is, go here)

Hubby was leader of the 11yo boy scouts in his area. One weekend he took them on a hike up the canyon--into National Forest area. I was working for the Park Service as a ranger, and I was the one in the little booth who took his entrance fee. Well, his check bounced, so he had to come back the next week to re-pay the fee, and he intentionally came to my booth so that he could ask me out...

Disclaimer: this approach would not really have worked in real life, because the entrance fee for that canyon is about $3. I don't think I would have agreed to go on a date with someone who bounced a check for $3!!!

Just Be Nice Already

This may turn into a series...things that bug me...
but life is just too short to be nasty to folks all the time.

I recently met someone whom my husband had discribed as 'crusty.' When I actually met this person, I realized that 'crusty' didn't even begin to discribe it. This person was rude, vulgar, and just plain mean--to everyone. Family members, utter strangers, it didn't matter--this person was terrible.
I typically try to be polite and civil to everyone, although I fall into curt with those who are rude. But with this person, I was about ready to start shouting...I don't think I've ever been so glad to see someone walk away.

Really now, I understand that everyone has days when they feel down, or something upsetting is going on in their life, or they're hurting... Sometimes events or other people are making life difficult. I appreciate that we all have moments or days when we're not the sweetest of company...but to be that way all the time? That's just pathetic.
Grow up! Realize that life is only 10% what happens to you, and is 90% what you do with it! Take responsiblity for your choices, behaviors, and mood. Being crusty and crabby all the time is immature and unacceptable. Furthermore, being cranky doesn't even bring any satisfaction to the crankpot--but being happy does.
So be happy! You might live longer...and even if you don't, you'll certainly live better!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Don't You Wish Your Diapers Were Cute Like Mine?!

Another good reason to cloth diaper--cuteness!!!

Straightforward...standard colors...

What fun one can have with a patterned PUL!

I'm particularly proud of these two, as I custom created them. Let's hear it for SuperBum and NorgeBum!!!

(If you still need more reasons, check out THIS! The toxins in disposable diapers are now linked to causing asthma!!!)

Getting Knitty with It

So I've been learning to knit. At this point I'm pretty good at keeping my stiches even, but I can't handle switching between knitting and purling stitches without referring back to the book (or having someone show me). My friend KnittingFisher is going to help me learn to strand (work in two colors, carrying strands of the secondary one on the inside). My original goal in learning to knit was to eventually work up to making Hubby a full blown norwegian sweater...I knew I would need to make a number of things so that I could learn each technique and work up to the sweater (After all, the professionally hand-knitted ones in Norway sell for $1000!) KF is helping me figure out a logical sequence of projects and techniques. Right now I'm making a plain, uncomplicated hat for S. Mostly to get me in the rhythm of knitting... My next project will be a stranded hat (KF has pictures of some of her recent ones here, but I don't think mine will be quite like that...I'm thinking pale blue and grey with a simple band of snowflakes...sortof scandinavian). Anyway, I will probably need to make a couple of stranded things to get the hang of it, so maybe I'll make a few more hats or something to sell or gift... At some point I will need to practice following written knitting patterns (which I have not done yet) so I may make a pair of socks too, as KF makes lots of them and they are so cute I want some! Then I will push into this:
"Baby Norgi" (from norwegian sweater of the simplest sort--and in a child's size. So I can work on technique in a smaller scale. Huzzah for the invention of washable yarns (even washable wools!). I would probably make a couple with different panel patterns across the yoke, and sell them...or maybe make them in the sizes of my various children so we could all match...and THEN finaly move into making Hubby's sweater.
While looking around at various patterns for norwegian sweaters, I also looked at some russian and icelandic and scottish, these cold-climate dwellers know how to make a beautiful thing out of a practical need. I think I can safely say that I'm developing an addiction here. Thankfully I have an inclination towards useful addictions! LOL!
I LOVE sewing, but I am really enjoying knitting. The downside of sewing is that I need my machine...knitting is perfectly portable, and that is really nice! I can just keep my needles and a ball of yarn in the end pocket of my diaper bag, and whenever I get a chance I can do a few stitches...

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Walking and Talking

To clarify...yes, S is walking like crazy. This surprised me, as I had heard that those who are verbal early (which he is) are usually later on the physical milestones, and visa versa. Well, by 6months S said 'mama' and clearly knew what he meant. He has since added 'nurn' 'dada' and 'dah' (dog) to his vocabulary. "Mama" includes asking for food (perhaps confused with 'mmmm' or 'more'?) and "nurn" includes cuddles and comfort as well as actual nursing. But yes, he talks. He also grunts, growls, clicks his tongue, and 'sings' when he's tired.

He hit all his other physical milestones on the later side...rolling over, sitting up, crawling...and then WHAM he decided to walk. I have no idea what got into him...perhaps it's our hard pergo floors--nobody wants to crawl on them, so might as well get up and walk! :-)

Monday, December 3, 2007

Baby Humor

Tonight Hubby and I were laying on the bed, wishing that Bear (11mo) would act a little more tired since we were ready for sleep. Bear, on the other hand, was walking around our room being anything but tired. Hubby looked at him and said "NURN" (which is Bear's word for 'nurse') and then pretended to nurse. Bear laughed so hard he lost his balance and had to sit down!

So Hubby made up some more baby jokes.

Two guys walk into a bar. In the bar they see a bear. NURN!

There was a priest, a rabbi, and NURN!

Why did the chicken cross the road? NURN!

Hey Bear, NURN!

Bear was in stitches.
And so were we.

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