Monday, December 3, 2007

Baby Humor

Tonight Hubby and I were laying on the bed, wishing that Bear (11mo) would act a little more tired since we were ready for sleep. Bear, on the other hand, was walking around our room being anything but tired. Hubby looked at him and said "NURN" (which is Bear's word for 'nurse') and then pretended to nurse. Bear laughed so hard he lost his balance and had to sit down!

So Hubby made up some more baby jokes.

Two guys walk into a bar. In the bar they see a bear. NURN!

There was a priest, a rabbi, and NURN!

Why did the chicken cross the road? NURN!

Hey Bear, NURN!

Bear was in stitches.
And so were we.

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NessaAnn said...

Wow, S is WALKING??!!! And TALKING? What a big kid! He seems awfully smart and skilled for his age! Geeze, poor Jed is only army crawling and jabber-talking still. You must be so proud of your little guy, I wish I could see him walkin' around!

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