Sunday, December 9, 2007

Getting Knitty with It

So I've been learning to knit. At this point I'm pretty good at keeping my stiches even, but I can't handle switching between knitting and purling stitches without referring back to the book (or having someone show me). My friend KnittingFisher is going to help me learn to strand (work in two colors, carrying strands of the secondary one on the inside). My original goal in learning to knit was to eventually work up to making Hubby a full blown norwegian sweater...I knew I would need to make a number of things so that I could learn each technique and work up to the sweater (After all, the professionally hand-knitted ones in Norway sell for $1000!) KF is helping me figure out a logical sequence of projects and techniques. Right now I'm making a plain, uncomplicated hat for S. Mostly to get me in the rhythm of knitting... My next project will be a stranded hat (KF has pictures of some of her recent ones here, but I don't think mine will be quite like that...I'm thinking pale blue and grey with a simple band of snowflakes...sortof scandinavian). Anyway, I will probably need to make a couple of stranded things to get the hang of it, so maybe I'll make a few more hats or something to sell or gift... At some point I will need to practice following written knitting patterns (which I have not done yet) so I may make a pair of socks too, as KF makes lots of them and they are so cute I want some! Then I will push into this:
"Baby Norgi" (from norwegian sweater of the simplest sort--and in a child's size. So I can work on technique in a smaller scale. Huzzah for the invention of washable yarns (even washable wools!). I would probably make a couple with different panel patterns across the yoke, and sell them...or maybe make them in the sizes of my various children so we could all match...and THEN finaly move into making Hubby's sweater.
While looking around at various patterns for norwegian sweaters, I also looked at some russian and icelandic and scottish, these cold-climate dwellers know how to make a beautiful thing out of a practical need. I think I can safely say that I'm developing an addiction here. Thankfully I have an inclination towards useful addictions! LOL!
I LOVE sewing, but I am really enjoying knitting. The downside of sewing is that I need my machine...knitting is perfectly portable, and that is really nice! I can just keep my needles and a ball of yarn in the end pocket of my diaper bag, and whenever I get a chance I can do a few stitches...


KnittingFisher said...

Lets skip the socks and dive right into the sweater! You wont have to purl and the pattern is really easy...I read thru it again just now and I know you can do it!

Mae said...

You do realize that by the time you get worked up to the sweater, you may very well have spent $1000? Just kidding (sort of), I think it's a great idea! I love the Scandinavian designs! Have you ever read Jan Brett's The Mitten?

I miss my crocheting, but I thoroughly enjoy my cross-stitching. I just can't sit still during a movie so I pull out the cross stitch!

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