Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Walking and Talking

To clarify...yes, S is walking like crazy. This surprised me, as I had heard that those who are verbal early (which he is) are usually later on the physical milestones, and visa versa. Well, by 6months S said 'mama' and clearly knew what he meant. He has since added 'nurn' 'dada' and 'dah' (dog) to his vocabulary. "Mama" includes asking for food (perhaps confused with 'mmmm' or 'more'?) and "nurn" includes cuddles and comfort as well as actual nursing. But yes, he talks. He also grunts, growls, clicks his tongue, and 'sings' when he's tired.

He hit all his other physical milestones on the later side...rolling over, sitting up, crawling...and then WHAM he decided to walk. I have no idea what got into him...perhaps it's our hard pergo floors--nobody wants to crawl on them, so might as well get up and walk! :-)

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Mae said...

The twins that I used to nanny for were interesting to observe. The boy was walking at 12 months but his sister didn't crawl for another 3 months. She was, however, more accurate in her verbalization (he talked just as much as she did, we could just understand her better). And she learned how to take the lids off toys long before he did. So he mastered large motor skills faster and she mastered fine motor skills first. Her ASL signs were also more accurate.

Let me tell you, trying to keep one walker and one crawler in the same room of a non-babyproofed house was NOT fun! Once she learned to walk and keep up with her brother it was SOO much easier (It's probably the only time I've ever been long-term happy that a baby in my care has learned to walk).

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