Friday, May 11, 2007

May: a Photo Essay

W 's favorite passtime

S Smiles at the baby in the mirror (and shows off his fun new diapers--size medium--in colors!)

Sucking on his fists. Another favorite passtime.

Now that he rolls over, he gets quality floor time with the doggie too.

Flowers and lawn finally in in front. Those bits of color are 'wave petunias' each plant is supposed to turn into a 2-ft mound of color...we'll see how they go! They've already tripled in size in their first two weeks, so I'm inclined to believe they will live up to their reputation!

Veggie garden in in back. (including the vital 15 tomato plants!) AND the wonderful new clothesline hubby built for me! YAY!!!

Dutch oven pit and patio in back.

...and the locust tree hubby brought home...can you see the pinky-purple blossoms? It looks like a robe locust but apparently it's an Idaho Locust...whatever! It will give dappled shade to our backyard in summer and pretty flowers in spring. :-)

Sunday, May 6, 2007


And here is my first movie review!
This week DH and I saw "Flyboys." I don't recall having seen any previews for it, but dh had, and wanted to see it. I was very impressed with it!
"Flyboys" is about some young Americans who joined the French Air Force in WWI, prior to the USA entering the war. Airplanes were a brand new invention, and the ariel dogfight was adding a new demension to warfare. I particularly enjoyed the training sequence, where they taught the young men how to fly a plane prior to letting them actually go up; several of their methods were very amusing.
One of the young men was black, and some of the white boys were accepting of him while others were not--but they learned to work as a team in spite of previously-held ideas. One of the young men was deeply religious--I thought that modern hollywood would write a script that made fun of him for his faith, but in fact just the opposite was true. The other boys showed him the utmost respect, even when they clearly didn't feel the same way as he did. It's something I see so rarely in film that it really stood out.
Flyboys is rated PG-13, but there is a cumulative total of about 10 seconds of visuals warrenting this rating. There is no sex, no foul language, and the violence primarily consists of planes crashing down...except that there are a few brief moments where you see a burst of red as someone is shot (and then his plane spirals down...) The subject matter is pretty heavy--one pilot in particular really struggles with the fact of killing... I would not recommend it for small children because of that content...but I WOULD heartily recommend this movie. It's a good snapshot of history, presented simply and without apology. Add it to your WWI curriculum, and to your netflix queue!

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