Friday, May 11, 2007

May: a Photo Essay

W 's favorite passtime

S Smiles at the baby in the mirror (and shows off his fun new diapers--size medium--in colors!)

Sucking on his fists. Another favorite passtime.

Now that he rolls over, he gets quality floor time with the doggie too.

Flowers and lawn finally in in front. Those bits of color are 'wave petunias' each plant is supposed to turn into a 2-ft mound of color...we'll see how they go! They've already tripled in size in their first two weeks, so I'm inclined to believe they will live up to their reputation!

Veggie garden in in back. (including the vital 15 tomato plants!) AND the wonderful new clothesline hubby built for me! YAY!!!

Dutch oven pit and patio in back.

...and the locust tree hubby brought home...can you see the pinky-purple blossoms? It looks like a robe locust but apparently it's an Idaho Locust...whatever! It will give dappled shade to our backyard in summer and pretty flowers in spring. :-)


alisaterry said...

That W's one strong little man!

brightonwoman said...

Yes he is...then again, my brother used to do this all the time...I told my mom it's like deja vu! Apparently several of my younger siblings still do had to instate a rule that it was only legal in certain doorways, as she'd had a few too many kids drop on her head...

firefighter girl said...

hmmm. It must run in the family. Because I remember very clearly doing the same thing with all my older siblings in SLC. The only rule was that we had to clean the hand and footprints off the walls and doorways. I did notice that when mom and dad built their new house in idaho, however, that all the hallways and doorways were just a tad too wide to manage the monkey climbing comfortably. Coincidence? I think not. Love the pictures, by the way. Can't wait to see you and your little one in August.

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