Tuesday, December 11, 2007

On Fire

You know what really really bugs me? Offends me to my very core?
Rude Smokers.
Do people have a right to smoke? Sure. I think it's gross but if they want to do it, the law says they can, so ok, go ahead.
BUT, the law also says you're not supposed to do it in public buildings, nor in the doorways of such... In other words, when I walk to the store, and hang my raincoat on the outside hook before going in (as per the request on the sign), then I should be able to come back outside and put my coat on again without having to be subject to a cloud of smoke. To say nothing of the smoke of THREE people like happened to me last week.
I am offended by the people who choose to smoke in doorways like that. It is against the law in a lot of places--it may not be here in Alaska, I'm not sure, but it is rude regardless.
And if you don't mind forcing your secondhand smoke on me, can you at least respect my baby and not force it on him?!
Seriously, do what you want to yourself, but don't touch my kid. One of these days I'll go all 'mama bear' and smack you.

My 7yo son always coughs loudly and says things like "He's smoking mom, that's bad for you," or "smoking is yukky" when we walk past a smoker. I never shush him. I don't often have the guts to speak up about it, but I should, and I'm glad that he does!


Mae said...

I almost screamed at someone at Farmer's market a few months ago. They held their lit cigarette at their hip and were milling around the very crowded sidewalk. Due to the crowd my 4-year old nephew almost got shoved into the cigarette wielding man and the cancer stick came not 6 inches from his eyes. I just about came unglued. Now I'm paranoid when I see smokers, not only because of the second-hand smoke, but also because small children are at a high risk of being burned since they are at just the right height. I was livid.

Heather said...

Amen! That's all I have to say.

Caitlin said...

Yup, I'm there with you, ladies. Yuck.

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