Monday, December 10, 2007

Just Be Nice Already

This may turn into a series...things that bug me...
but life is just too short to be nasty to folks all the time.

I recently met someone whom my husband had discribed as 'crusty.' When I actually met this person, I realized that 'crusty' didn't even begin to discribe it. This person was rude, vulgar, and just plain mean--to everyone. Family members, utter strangers, it didn't matter--this person was terrible.
I typically try to be polite and civil to everyone, although I fall into curt with those who are rude. But with this person, I was about ready to start shouting...I don't think I've ever been so glad to see someone walk away.

Really now, I understand that everyone has days when they feel down, or something upsetting is going on in their life, or they're hurting... Sometimes events or other people are making life difficult. I appreciate that we all have moments or days when we're not the sweetest of company...but to be that way all the time? That's just pathetic.
Grow up! Realize that life is only 10% what happens to you, and is 90% what you do with it! Take responsiblity for your choices, behaviors, and mood. Being crusty and crabby all the time is immature and unacceptable. Furthermore, being cranky doesn't even bring any satisfaction to the crankpot--but being happy does.
So be happy! You might live longer...and even if you don't, you'll certainly live better!

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