Tuesday, July 24, 2007

In The Middle

Sometimes it's hard to be a moderate.
Trust me, I'm a moderate.
Some of my friends (and family) think I am a nutty hippie, obsessed with avoiding 'normal' and doing things the hard way.
On the other hand, others of my friends think I'm frighteningly mainstream.
Is no one on the middle ground with me?

It's not that I'm a fence sitter. To the contrary, I make solid decisions and stand by them. I am not wavering on anything. However, I choose to stand on ground that is somewhere in the middle.

On one side, I'm berated for not following the states recommended vaccination schedule, or for considering not doing all the vaccinaions. On the other side, I'm chided for 'shooting that poison' into my kids at all.

Do I believe in using whole grains, organic produce, and grass-fed meat? Yes. Do I also love ice-cream, root beer, and chocolate? Oh you betcha.

Do I believe in reducing, reusing, recycling, and generally being good to the earth? Yes. And I drive a mini-van, and I'm a little bit of a pack rat. (I'm working on that!)

I wholeheartedly believe in a lot of things which I don't always manage to enact as I should or could or wish I did...

Do I trust every word my doctor says? No. Do I listen to his advice and research accordingly? Yes.
Do I trust everything my mother's naturopath says? No. Do I trust everything from the chiropracter, massage therapist, homeopath, osteopath, cranial-sacral therapist, midwife, or master herbalist says? No. But I take it as a starting point for my own research.
Do I belive anything anyone says? Sure. I believe the prophet...and I still do the research. God says to study it out, after all. God also says that by the power of the Holy Ghost, we may know the truth of all things. ALL things. Not just spiritual stuff, but ALL things. So how lazy would it be for me to not take him up on that?! After all, if I'm entitled to personal revelation, then I think I should go get it. Human sources (governments, doctors, friends) can give advice, but only God can give me specific direction for me and my family.

I respect all choices so long as they are made upon the foundation of education and inspiration. I do not respect decisions made without those things. "Because ____ said so" is a pathetic reason in my book. "Well, it's normal" or "everyone does it" are equally rediculous.

I shouldn't feel defensive about my positions--middle ground though they may be. I have based them in research and promptings about what is best for MY family. I should feel proud, and stand tall that I have taken the time to make these choices with care.
So don't push me around if I'm not the same as you. And by all means, don't feel obligated to be the same as me...just be sure you have a solid foundation for your choices.



katef said...

Oh me! I often think I am in this weird middle ground limbo... too hippy to be mainstream and too mainstream to be hippy!

Heidi said...

Well said! I understand your POV 100%!!! I believe we might be *kindred spirits*! ;)

Jessica said...

And this is why I admire you so much! You go girl!!

Kris said...

I also think that we need to research everything out for ourselves. Very well said.

Mallory said...

I think I'm pretty much in the middle. I do get a lot of the "crazy, granola girl" though.

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