Saturday, July 14, 2007

Cooking With Me

I've done it. I've started a recipe blog.
I try to stick to healthy foods most of the time. I believe that natural (organic) foods taste better, in addition to being better for you, and I try to utilize a variety of foods in my cooking. I get really bored having just the same few things all the time, so I'm always interested in new recipes or different flavors.
In the blog, I'm tagging each recipe with an ingredient list, so if you know that you're fond of tomatoes for example (or you have 14 zucchini and no idea what to do with them all!) then you can search the sidebar by ingredient, and find recipes with that ingredient. I'm also tagging by ethnicity (if applicable), so if you're fond of Indian, well, you can search by that!
I'll also be sharing links to my favorite online recipe sources.

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