Friday, July 20, 2007

Little Moocher in the Kitchen

This morning S helped me make breakfast.
First he acted very happy while rolling around on the floor with the dog and chewing on a piece of paper.
As soon as I had gotten two ingredients into the bowl (and was commited to baking something, rather than just making some toast), he began to wail "mamamamamama." (He had done this a couple of times now--saying 'mama'. I believe it is mostly intentional at this point. 6mo may be early for speech, but he's always been a verbal baby. So much for daddy's constant "da-da-da-da" to him.)
So I put him in the sling with the intent to continue cooking.
He helped by kicking the bowl and chewing on my measuring cups.
He did not get to help with putting the pan in the oven. He was very frustrated at this, but I had to draw the line somewhere!

I have been dressed for something under an hour. Thus far I have water, drool, flour, breastmilk, spit-up, and peach juice on my shirt. Maybe a little baby snot too, I'm not sure.
I have not combed my hair or eaten anything.
On the other hand, I've made breakfast, done a load of laundry, fed the baby (twice), fed and pottied the dog, and generally saved the world probably three or four times.
See kids, this is what parenthood looks like. Aren't you excited!!!


Jessica said...

lol Real life, real mommyhood! Isn't it wonderful?

katef said...

ah that is the story of my life.. except I haven't managed to get out of my PJ's yet so the baby spew and flour are all over them instead!

Caitlin said...

Lol! Sounds familiar.

My boys have been early talkers too.

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