Monday, July 16, 2007

Six Months Old

My baby is 6 months old today. It happens to be his cousin's's a fun thing to share half birthdays (Hubby and I do!)
So, 6 months...he's old enough for solids now, right? Ah well, he's been nibbling on things for a couple of weeks. Today it was apricots, but in the last two weeks he's also tried banana, nectarine, apple, and watermelon. He liked them all--especially the nectarine, watermelon, and apricot which I put in a *baby safe feeder for him. He wasn't very excited about the whole spoon idea--he doesn't mind chewing on the spoon but doesn't want to eat off of it. But give him a BSF and he can hold it himself and suck out all the juice...and he's in heaven. I'll have to get a picture. Today he had apricot pulp out to his ears. (Oh, he's also tried plain cracked wheat and rice cereal...the rice cereal he feels is not truly food, and I have decided to agree with him and will probably not try it again...especially since it involves prepareing something separate for him. But the cracked wheat is something I eat, and he always wants whatever I'm eating, so he'll get more tries of that!)

*The baby safe feeder was invented by a father whose baby nearly choked to death on a teething biscuit. It has a little plastic handle which the baby can hold, and a mesh baggie into which I can put fruit or veggies. The baby can suck the juice (and a lot of pulp) out of the food, but without danger of choking. It's also nice because not only do I not need to worry about choking, but I also don't have to worry about peeling or removing seeds...I'm so glad someone thought to invent this!


NessaAnn said...

Oh, so neato! I want one of those feeders--where did you get it?

brightonwoman said...

I got mine at Target. About $5 for a pair of them. :-)

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