Sunday, July 8, 2007

Harry Potter Time!

I did it. I just ordered Harry Potter 7 from I recommend it--it's $18.99 instead of $35.99, and even after shipping and tax it's only about $23. And yes, it's the hardcover and all that. The real thing. :-) If you order before July 16, it will be shipped in time to arrive on July 21--the official release date.
Hubby said now the only question is which of us gets to read it first (in the past we've always been able to get our hands on multiple copies...). Well, my birthday is the 22nd, so I think I should get dibs, right? It's only fair!
Actually, I will let him have it because I probalby will re-read 5 and 6 to get myself re-oriented on what's going on...I know that when I read 6 I was lost on a bunch of stuff because so much had happened in 5 and it had been two years since I'd read I think another review session would be good... I read books 1-4 about a month before 5 came out, so no review was nescessary that time, but now, yeah, it's been a while, and my brainpower is deminishing by the day due to motherhood. :)
Actually, I will probably watch the movie of 5, then re-read 6, then read 7...Hubby better read fast, because I read faster than he does!

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Jessica said...

Yep, the mania has hit our house, too. Hubby and I have read 1-5 in the last few months and are now almost halfway finished with book 6. We have our movie 5 tickets in hand and our book 7 reserved. When book 6 came out we managed to finish 5 just before midnight of the release day, so hubby just went down to our local Wal-mart and stepped to the back of a line that extended around the corner of the building. Fortunately Wal-Mart was prepared and he had the book within 10 min. of his arrival. lol! Happy reading!

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