Monday, January 5, 2009

A Few Goals

This weekend I crunched all the numbers on my etsy shops--how much I spent on materials, and how much I brought in via sales. I'm thrilled to report that I netted nearly $500, so etsy is finally more than just a hobby! ☺ I bought a lot of materials in bulk this year, so I won't be needing to buy much at all in the coming months, which means the profits for the coming year should be better still. So, with that to inspire me, I have some goals for this year:
  • List 2 new items per week (exceptions allowed for vacation/moving). Of course that means I'll also have to
  • Sew at least 2 things per week...hopefully more, but I'm trying to set something that's easily achievable.
  • Introduce at least 6 new products this year (I already have a few things in mind, but just need to bring them to fruition...)
I also have a few non-etsy goals:
  • Pay off credit card
  • Knit a sweater for Wolf (I just finished one for Bear--photos coming soon!)
  • Get pregnant ☺
  • Spend less time on the internet (this shouldn't be too hard, as I'll be spending more time sewing...but you, my adoring fans, may have to learn to cope with not-so-daily posting...can you handle it?)
  • Get Bear night-weaned and sleeping through the night
  • Be supportive of my Hubby in his goal by providing appropriate and helpful foods (and not too many unhelpful ones!)
OK, that is quite long enough for one year!


Katrina said...

Great goals! Good for you.

Holly said...

I found your blog through Mormon Mommy Blogs, but recognized your MDC handle!! Anyway, I love what I see!

katef said...

yay for the profit and good luck for all your new goals... I'm sure you can do it!

Holly said...

Hey, off topic question: How did you get your tags (on the sidebar) in a cloud instead of a list?

Mallory said...

You have some great goals. Good for you, for doing so well on Etsy. Maybe I'll give it a try sometime in the future. My goals are pretty simple...either lose 25lbs or get pregnant and gain that much! Well, that's the gist of them at least! Hopefully 2009 will be a good year for all!

Lindsay said...

Way to go!! Those are great goals!

Jennifer said...

Great goals!! I'm thinking of getting pregnant this year too! ... We'll see!

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