Friday, January 16, 2009


Bear celebrated his birthday by keeping me up a lot of the night (our ongoing night-weaning took a turn for the rougher last night), and then by pooping in the big toilet BY HIMSELF today! He usually comes to me and says "I go toilet, I go toilet" as he jumps around, and I go with him and help him sit on the toilet. He prefers the toilet to the potty, I think because he likes to flush, but he can't get up there by himself very well. Well, this morning I guess he dragged the step-stool in, climbed up, and I knew nothing until I heard a flush and then he came running to me and said "I go toilet, I poop!" and sure enough, he needed wiping!!!!
He's had a couple of close calls, but that would be the first time he's successfully made a poop in the designated receptacle on his own (early EC experiences not counted of course). He's been very self-driven in all of this--I've left him diaperless, and he's indicated that he wants to use the toilet rather than have a new diaper on. Well, power to him! It's making my life easier, even if I spend a disproportionate amount of the day sitting on the bathroom floor while he makes another three drops of peepee! ☺

Wow, I need a baby, cuz this boy is not a baby anymore.


Jennifer said...

I don't know how you DO IT!!

Oh, and what is a crunchy mom?

Kimberlee said...

2 is still a baby. I promise. But I know how very hard it is to want a baby and one isn't coming. It is so hard.


NessaAnn said...

What a big boy! I wish I had a big brother for Jed to watch... so far his daddy isn't so hot on me making a spectacle of all his early morning bowel movements, and Jed is totally uninterested in mine in anything other than a "Mom Is Sitting And So She Can Snuggle Me and Read Me A Book" sense. That's ok, though, I'm not really in a rush. We talk a lot about pee and poop and I figure when he starts showing interest, preferably in the next six months, we'll start then.

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