Thursday, November 13, 2008

The whole "Domestic Goddess" thing

I never considered myself a domestic goddess. I mean, yeah, I can cook and sew and whatever, but my house is cluttered and my kids are often dirty and I don't always even comb my hair every day--some days I just undo the braid, run my fingers through it, and braid it again.
But I've reached a conclusion--most people picture "the domestic goddess" as a 1950s housewife with high heels, a starched apron, and a string of pearls... I'm not that DG.

Nope, I'm an 1850's domestic goddess. Don't believe me? Consider the evidence!
  • I have a long braid (or bun) with an abundance of stray hairs. I only wash it once a week, and I never put styling products in it.
  • I don't wear makeup, and I shave only very very rarely.
  • I'm (almost) always clean, but (almost) never pressed.
  • I cook hearty meals, but rarely gourmet. I'm pretty darn good at looking at the nothing in our fridge and making a meal out of it anyway.
  • I breastfeed and share a bed with my toddler. I also take that toddler everywhere with me--usually tied to my back
  • I want a lot of kids--I love being a mommy, and it definitely takes precedence over having a fancy house (or even a clean one)
  • I want chickens, and sheep, and bunnies, and possibly goats, and maybe an alpaca...
  • I seem to spend at least half of my life either cooking, washing dishes, doing laundry, or mending something.
  • I sew a lot, and I knit and spin too. I use those skills to bring in a little extra money for the family.
  • I live in the middle of nowhere

I know, I have internet. I'm greateful for it too...but if I had to pick another time in which to live, well, now you know when it would be. I'm a pioneer.


Becky said...

My sister worked in Skagway for several summers and claimed she went "granola." She didn't shave, skipped the deodorant, wore pants four days in a row...

Then she came back to "civilization" and went a little nuts in the opposite direction. Makeup, curling irons, name brand jeans, and the like.

I definitely liked her more 1850s-ish. :)

P.S. Thanks for the English lesson! I guess I'm doing better than I thought I was.

The Thalman's said...

Oh, you are so refreshing! I wish more people understood how good it feels to live like that!

nicole said...

You're amazing. I really admire how you're so REAL. You're such a strong person who doesn't get swayed by the trends of the world, and I respect that. Thank you for being such a great example to me and so many others.

Summer said...

Perfect! Now I can tell everyone that I really am a Domestic Goddess, just one from the 1850s. :)

Beth said...

so very true! I guess I was just thinknig about being a domestic goddess from thw wrong era ;)

Megan said...

I randomly came across your blog and have probably spent the past 30 minutes on it. We are very different, but I am so intrigued by your life! Just thought I would let you know :0)

Maggie said...

Sounds great to me!!! I think you are wonderful and for today are totally my hero. :)


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