Wednesday, November 5, 2008

WFMW--Boynton Books

This week is a special themed Works For Me Wednesday at Rocks in my Dryer, focused on toys worth buying...

One of my favorite children's authors of all time is Sandra Boynton. She is a master of writing books that little ones love and adults can enjoy even on the 427th reading. Her inventive stories, clever wording, fun rhythm and cute pictures make these books ones that we won't tire of.

Here are some of our favorites

Barnyard Dance If you hadn't heard of this book, well, what rock were you living under?! Seriously, this book is such a classic! It's written in a rhythm that makes you want to get up and dance with all the crazy little animals... (She recently finished Barnyard Bath, I so need to get that one now!)

This was one of my favorites when I read it to my little siblings, so I bought it for Wolf, and now it is Bear's favorite. Blue Hat Green Hat is the first book that he's obviously loved, and he loves to read it back to me as well "boo ha, gee ha, OOOP!"

We recently discovered Snuggle Puppy at our local library. It's another darling book, with a mommy doggie singing to her little snuggle puppy "ooo snuggle puppy of mine, everything about you is especially fine...Fuzzy little snuggle puppy I love you *kiss*" How could we not enjoy a book that has kissing your kiddo written right into it?!

If you'd like something for a slightly older audience (this one is not a board book) I have to recommend Consider Love. I got this for Hubby on valentines day one year, and we all enjoy reading it still. (If you go to the amazon page I linked you should be able to see some of the pages.)

Next on my list to buy:

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