Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Talking Bear

So, you know how kids say words in the cutest ways? I decided to document some this week...

moo-nee = smoothie (one of his favorite things! I make them like this)
Nurn, na-nu, or wan-too = nursing
shooshoo = shoes and socks
duck = stuck (or come help me!)
bankee = blanket/blankee (he loves to snuggle with the bankee and the nanu at bedtime or naptime...lately he insists that he needs all three of his bankees.)
omo = remote control (he knows he's not supposed to play with them, so if we have them out for use, he usually brings them to us with a concerned "omo! omo!" His favorite place to put them is on dad's shoulders...dad did that once to keep the remotes out of the way because Bear was on his lap...and now Bear has concluded that that is the only correct place for them.)
bum-bum = diaper
piss-EEN = this is his word for his little boy part...yes we told him the correct word...no we don't know how he ended up with this
coo-mee = excuse me (he says this when he wants to get past someone, or when anyone in the room burps or *foofs)
dop-it = stop it
wet-go = let go (he says this at night when I'm trying to get him to stay in bed and he wants to go play)

and a few things he pronounces impeccably, even if his meaning is unusual...

iss hot = it's hot (this is his only word for temperature...he says it about everything from shower water to cold wind.)
HAT! = I am putting on my hat because I want to go outside!!
go!-go!-go!-go!-go! = let's go run back and forth down the hall or go outside or something
bunny - 'skin the bunny' (we say this to him when we're taking off his shirt--he already knew to hold his arms up for this, but now he will come to me, plucking at his shirt, and asking "bunny?")
(also duck, although he doesn't know which birds are ducks unless i tell him_

yes (although he rarely says it--usually he just repeats the word of what he wants if he wants it, or says no if he doesn't)

To see more cute stuff that kids say, check out Tiny Talk Tuesday, celebrating our kids, the things they say, and their view of the world.

*foof is the family word for flatulance

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