Sunday, November 23, 2008

How We Met--really!

If you are not familiar with the 'how we met' series, you should go read here first.

So I've told a few stories about how we didn't meet...I thought maybe I'd finally share how we DID meet.
I was in my final quarter of school at Central Washington University. Most of my friends had graduated the previous spring, but not all my classes were available every term, so I had to hang around one more quarter to get them done. My roommate went home every weekend, leaving on Friday around lunchtime and returning Sunday I had long and lonely weekends. I mostly spent them online, surfing around and wasting time. One night, in a fit of boredom, I decided to check out It was not a free service, but they had a short free trial, so I signed up for that.
Hubby was a young single father, living in Utah, who didn't go to many social events because he wanted to be with his son. His dad (who is somewhat of a technophobe actually) had encouraged him to join LDSsingles as a way to meet people while still being home with little Wolf. Over the course of a year or so, Hubby met and went on dates with a lot of women in his area, but nothing was going anywhere. One night, seeing that he had met everyone on the site who lived within 100 miles of him, he decided to extend the search parameters to 1000 miles...and found me the same weekend I joined.
When I saw that I had a message (and no, he wasn't the only one), I went and looked at his profile. I confess that my initial thought was "it's a divorced guy with a kid, that's not what I'm looking for..." but he'd said hi so I figured the polite thing to do was respond. (For what it's worth, by the end of that weekend I'd had messages from some real freaks, and stopped responding to most of if Hubby had waited one more week he might not have found me, or I might not have responded...) Truly we were a match made by God. Coincidence could never have pulled it off!
We chatted online periodically, and even on the phone a couple of times, but we were over 800 miles apart, I was starting my student teaching, and we both started dating other people...
Skip forward about 7 or 8 months, and one night in April we found ourselves chatting online asking each other for dating advice about our current relationships which were falling apart. Really! Within a couple of weeks I had the distinct feeling that this was the man I was going to marry. (Hubby says that he knew from the very beginning that if I ever agreed to marry him he'd be a very lucky man. ♥ ) Anyway, in late May I went to the temple and prayed about him, and had the distinct feeling that he should come visit, and that when he did I would know for sure one way or the other.
On June 20 he flew up for the weekend...

♥ ♥ ♥

On December 20 we were married.


Becky said...

Awww! How funny that you were advising each other on other relationships!

I'm glad that you decided to give LDSsingles a chance. :)

Emily said...

Hey, my hubby and I met on LDSMingle! Can I link your blog and make my own "How we met" post?

Carrie said...

I think it is great that you met eachother on LDSsingles. I have always encouraged friends who are single and looking but frustrated at the dating pool to look there but they always refuse! What is wrong with meeting someone online? How is it any different from meeting someone at the gym or a dance? You should write a post with your hubby about your experiences with online dating before meeting eachother.

Mommy Bee said...

Emily--of course you can link me. Geeze, do you have to ask?! :)

I think meeting online is actually healthier in a lot of ways than meeting at a dance or whatever... For example, before we even spoke to each other we knew something about each other (age, temple-recommend status, basic hobbies and interests, etc).
Furthermore, our courtship was based on communication--we talked about everything, including those deep important things. After all, when you're not in the same room and can't get distracted by stuff like kissing, well, you tend to talk!

Emily said...

Haha yeah I guess no one needs to be asked to be linked to another blog. It was the same with us, only situations reversed. I was the divorcee with a (10 yr old!) kid, already graduated from college, and previously married. I had no idea what he wanted with me. Turns out, he just thought I was cute LOL. I guess it worked out. But had we met IRL, I don't think I would have given him the time of day. God knows how to put things in our way so that we can't help but notice.

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

I'm new here! What a great blog :)

Future Mama said...

AAAH CUTE!! I read the other parts of the series but missed this real one!! I love it! too cute!! How crazy is it how everything works out?! I love meeting stories!! :)

Janeen said...

My husband and I met in a "man, that was lucky!" way too.

The night before prom (which I didn't have a date or a dress for), we had a bit of a tragedy. Our dogs attacked our birds and 9 parakeets were killed. Sounds silly but we loved those little guys and we were just all devastated. I was just very bummed period so canceled this date I had which was a guy I had met online. I went browsing around on Yahoo chat, I think, looking up profiles of people in Wisconsin. I run into one by the name of borncute (he no longer has this profile). That, combined with the fact that it was a male profile intrigued me (and he lived in the same state). So, I checked it out. Now, the profile said he was in his 20's (he um, ahem, actually was 35 but I didn't find out until we had been going out for three months) but the kicker was the quote which was from Robert Frost's Stopping in the Woods on a Snowy Evening. Well, naturally I recognized it, dropped him a line and he happened to be on! We talked, I told him about our little birdies and the next day he emailed me a poem he wrote. We met not even two weeks later. That was 10 years ago.

We've had our ups and downs, some BIG downs too but we've managed to get past it. But yeah, it very easily could have not happened.

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