Sunday, November 9, 2008

some thoughts after the fact

I have a lot of friends who shared their presidential preferences with me prior to the election. Apparently I'm the friend of rebels, because my McCain-voting friends all live in states that swung for Obama, and my Obama-voting friends all live in states that swung for McCain. Except for Indiana, which was split almost down the center (I actually don't know which way it ended up) but anyway I know people who voted both ways there, so the original statement still holds. I hang out with rebels people who do their own thinking rather than following the crowd. ☺

The night before election day I was talking with my dad about the candidates and issues, and suffice it to say that my priorities are not the same as his. He commented that when he was my age he was more liberal than he is now, but that with age he has become "more jaded and cynical" (his words, not mine). Then he said "you know, I would expect a young person to be idealistic and hopeful--if they weren't then I'd be worried."
I thought that was a very interesting commentary on politics.


Brooke said...

This was the FIFTH presidential election that I've voted in, and for the first time my vote actually counted!! I've always lived in "red" states and I tend to vote "blue" :) Well, I'm in Indiana which is typically red, but this time it went blue!!! I hate the electoral college and I think it should be dis-banned.
My dad told me a saying once, "Liberal at 20, or you haven't got a heart. Conservative at 40 or you haven't got a brain." LOL!! I'm 34 and I still lean quite aways to the left... though there are some issues where I'm pretty conservative.
On an unrelated note, we are having PIE NIGHT on Friday!! Our mutual friend Vanessa S. is excited because she missed pie night w/ you because she was too preggo w/ Jed :)

Mommy Bee said...

HAHAHA!! When Vanessa was too preggo, I was 3 weeks more preggo than she was, and that was the night we had 36 people!!! LOL

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Hey I ♥ your blog :)

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