Wednesday, November 26, 2008

WFMW--Christmas shopping on etsy

So, I usually celebrate "Black Friday" as "Buy Nothing Day."
In other words, on the day after Thanksgiving, when half the population of the USA gets up in the wee hours of the morning to go stand in three-hour-long lines to wait for one of only 137 wii consoles which are on sale for a mere $245...or who gather with friends, trade lists, and then spend 11 hours covering stores from one end to the other to spend hundreds of dollars (in the interest of saving dozens)....yeah, I sleep in.
And when I do get up, I stay serenely at home, buying nothing.
BUT, if you are one of those people who likes to buy things on Black Friday (and apparently it now carries through the whole weekend and includes "Cyber Monday"--this was news to me!), well, I have a recommendation: Etsy. I don't just say this because I'm a hardcore etsy fan, although I am. I don't just say it because I sell on etsy and I'd really like to make some sales this weekend, although I do and I would. No, I say it because shopping online is economical (no gas money!), lower stress (no lines and no crowds), and frankly, most of the stuff at walmart is cheap junk and most of the stuff on etsy is good. Also, literally hundreds of sellers on etsy are offering massive sales this weekend. Here is a link to one that I'm involved with (huge long list, sorted by category of shop contents), the EtsyFest icon at the top will take you to another (over 200 sellers, organized by category), and here is a third (click the icon):
...and there are lots lots more! Just wander on over to etsy, search around for things you're interested in, and see what specials that shop is offering!

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Krisi and Adam said...
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Mae said...

Let me preface my comment by saying I whole-heartedly support your idea AND methods. However, buying over etsy (and anywhere online) is not really "free gas". The buyer may not drive to the store (and circle the parking lot, spewing out gas fumes and reducing their cars fuel efficiency as they try to find the not-there parking spot two spaces closer to the store when they could save gas and shed a few pounds off their rear by just settling on a parking space near the back of the lot and walking...oh I digress!) But the seller does. And the mail system (whichever you chose) does expend gas to get to you. Which we could all afford (or at least the Earth could...) to spend less gas. (I worked closely with my shipping department so I was made painfully aware of I learned this in my Veg class that over 99% of US produce is trucked over 100 miles...random thought)

Now, back to my support of your idea. Etsy is great and while I'd rather buy locally (to reduce shipping fuel and packaging that ends up in landfills) it's not really an option when looking for quality goods, such as the ones that are found online. Buying something on sale just because it's on sale is also absurd. I find the psychology behind marketing fascinating, but also somewhat insidious. And I just cringe at the "must have Toys of the season!" My "kids" are getting recycled toys from my childhood that they've been salivating over and I've finally decided, hey, they'll love it and put it to good use. And they won't care that it doesn't come wrapped in eco-unfriendly packaging...

So, yay! for Etsy! (You are way more concientious in your "green" ways than I am, so I thought I'd just offer the one way I know how to be better at being green than I could be. For example, I shop for my produce at Farmer's Market since it's grown locally and not shipped...fuel, packaging, storage energy and processing is reduced...Then again, when you live in Alaska, it's hard to shop locally year round...)

Ok, now I'm just sounding argumentative. But you're so intelligent and I know you like a good discussion that I just wanted to offer my two cents. Again, I think you do a way better job of being a good steward of the earth than I do. (Good thing you lived with me long enough to understand my well-meant babbling!)

nicole said...

Cool! Thanks for the info. I am with you on the stay home and sleep in idea. The rush and craziness of the deal-seeking gives me a headache! Plus, I'm usually more interested in hanging out at home and pigging out on leftovers!

Becky N. said...

I'll definitely keep my eye on Etsy this weekend. Thanks for the tip!

Unfortunately, while I'm usually like you, and avoiding Black Friday like the plague (do they even *have* Black Friday up where you're living??), DH and I are hoping to buy a new TV to replace our 8yo dying television. And these things don't come cheap anymore, so we're braving the crowd (and oh my goodness, it will be such a nightmare, with 3 kids in tow...), hoping to get a really good deal and save a couple hundred dollars.

Unfortunately, I can't buy a TV on Etsy. Maybe Craigslist or eBay... but for this kind of purchase, I'd prefer to avoid even those venues. We *are* doing our homework ahead of time, though, and checking out what sales appeal to our specific goal, and will hopefully only go to one, maaaaybe two different stores.
(Wish me luck and sanity on Friday??)

Mom2fur said...

I love Etsy and also highly recommend shopping there!

Mommy Bee said...

Mae makes an excellent point that shipping does involve gas...but then again, I figure that gas was involved to get items to the store as well as for me to get them I still feel like it's probably a savings.

I appreciate that there are some things which etsy just doesn't offer...but the more I shop there the more I am convinced that it's culturally/societally healthy to support the little guy rather than the big superstores, so I will continue to do that whenever possible. :)

Becky said...

Alright, already! I'll finally check out etsy!! (Yeah, it'll be my first time - I'm a little nervous.) :)

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