Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Dozen Reasons to Have a Ring Sling

Thank you to the several people who gave me permission to use their photos here!

I was starting to work on this post last summer, and then uprooted and moved in a great hurry...months of sporadic internet access and simply having a lot to do have delayed its fruition...but here it finally is.

This is the post where I tell you that you need a ring sling...and then I show you why!

1--most commonly seen--newborn cradle carry

2--kangaroo carry
3--nursing cover4--upright on the front (even with a newborn!)
5--cuddle with dad
6--go exciting places
7--hip carry (for older babies/toddlers)
8--changing pad (with super-cute mommy-made diaper!)
9--provider of shade10--naptime snuggly11--chew toy
12--playmat/protector of baby from pokey grass
See, I told you that you needed one too.
Next I want to do a post with pictures of wrap uses...if you've got one you're willing to share, please let me know!!!


Joy said...

This is a great post! Such a great example of the many uses of a sling.... My friend has a pic of a RS being used as a toddler leash on my dd.... ring slings just have such a wide range of use!

Jenni said...

I bought some rings to make a ring sling a few months ago, but I am loving my homemade Moby-type wrap so much, I haven't felt the need to.

My husband uses a pouch and he likes the ease of use. I'll use it for quick runs, but it hurts my neck for extended times.

Do you find the ring-sling hurts your neck or back after a while?

Brightonwoman said...

I do get a sore shoulder when I wear it a long that my baby is bigger though I usually try to put him on my hip, and use the sling to support/balance him, rather than actually hang him in it...

RasJane said...

I still use my ring sling as a standard car kit necessity. It is perfect for quick trips or napping toddlers when you *need* to run into that store.
But I'm a wrapper 99% of the time. Feel free to use any of my pictures you want!

Aurora said...

Super cute! I have pictures of a Mei Tai in use if you want to use them.

I have a Maya Wrap ring sling and while I think it is beautiful is hurts my shoulder and back to use. I have back issues though.

katef - said...

Great photos!
I have two old stretch ring slings - back in the days when my twins were small enough that I could sling them both!
Now I am a pouch sling girl.. love love love my Hotlsing, though my boy is a BIG baby (compared to his sisters) and we've recently purchased a Beco carrier and that is just awesome!
However you carry your baby, it's just great to be able to do it!

~Billie~ said...

Great post!! I especially like the pics of the fathers using the slings. I am thinking about using a ring-sling, but wanted to reasearch other options first. I look forward to seeing similiar posts!!

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