Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What they Don't Tell You...About Those First Hours After Birth

(My favorite Anne Geddes photo EVER!)

A few hours after giving birth to *Bear,I noticed movement in my abdomen. It felt just like when the baby moved around--a very familar feeling by that point--except that the baby was in my arms and I did pretty clearly remember having pushed him OUT, so I knew it couldn't be him! What, then, could be moving around inside of me? I finally figured it out (I was having a brilliant moment, truly!): It was all my internal organs settling back down into their normal places after having been pushed and shoved all over creation during the final months of pregnancy.
I was so glad I figured it out. NONE of the books talk about this! And yet it must happen to was such a strange sensation, and would have really scared me had I not determined what it was.
So, yeah, since probably nobody told you either, after you get the baby out, everything inside will play musical chairs for a day or two. It's ok. It's normal.

*yeah, so I got tired of initials. It's true. S's middle name is Bjorn, which is a common Norwegian name, but literally translated is 'Bear'...after some months of calling S "Bear," W decided he needed an animal nickname too, and dubbed himself W Wolf. So now I have two preditory children. It has on occasion caused me to pause and ponder... Hubby joined the game and became "Daddy Dragon" (he is a green dragon, in case you wondered--hobbit blood is strong in our family!)
Yeah, and I'm just a little bee. Hmmmmm. (Although Hubby says I can be a fox!)


Anonymous said...

Tehehe! For a moment I bet you were wondering if there was a twin in there...

My hubby goes by "Dragon" too. lol


Jessica said...

You're right! None of the books talk about it, but I clearly remember the sensation. It's kinda weird, especially since there's quite a bit of room for the "innards" to settle. I find it fascinating that they all end up in the right spot and continue to funcion efficiently. Just another testament to the "rightness" of childbearing, right?

Anonymous said...

YES! I felt that for a few weeks actually after my DD was born and it really, really creeped me out. I just assumed it was my mind playing phantom baby tricks on me. LOL.

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