Monday, February 11, 2008

Some Great Things About Alaska

I came across this post on another Alaskan Mama's Blog.
Now, she lives in Anchorage, which is up "in the interior" (or at least on the edge of it!) and has some differences from the islands of "southeast" where we live...additionally we are in such a teeny town that some things she mentioned (such as the great food) isn't so applicable here...but a lot of things are!
To her list, I want to add a couple of things we love about living in Alaska:
**At least out here in Pelican, it's a dog-friendly place. Dogs are part of the family, we know each others dogs' names the way we know each others kids' names. When invited to a friends house, the dog is usually welcome. Leashes are more or less optional (so long as the dog is reletively well-behaved).
**FRESH fish like I have never had before. And, since most of the town is fishermen, everybody has fish just laying around...I don't even know how many times somebody has dropped by to give us some (ie: 5lbs) of fish!
**Black Cod. All I gotta say is, if you've never had it, poor you. Salmon is common (and I don't love it); halibut is common (and I do love it); but black cod rocks my world.

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Scribbit said...

That "in the interior" part made me chuckle. I guess it's all in the perspective huh? From where you are we are in the interior, though I always think of Fairbanks deserving that title. :)

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