Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Hubby Loves Me

I should begin here by explaining a little something about love languages. For those not familiar with the book, or the concept, essentially the idea is that people tend to fall into one of five categories in terms of how they prefer to have love expressed. Some people like little gifts, some people need words of affection, some like physical touch, some prefer quality time, and some, like myself, speak the love language of "Acts of Service." This means that if you want to tell me you love me, don't say it, show it. Do the dishes for me. Cook dinner. Put the kids to bed. Clean the toilet (please!). Most especially, if I ask you to do something for me, and you say you will, then DO. Almost nothing makes me feel so unimportant as when somebody forgets to do something for me that they said they would do.
So, when Hubby had to go to Juneau, we put together a list of a few things for him to pick up. Then he ended up being stuck there, and we thought of more things we wanted, so the list grew...finally, when he came home on the ferry yesterday, he was bringing a LOT of things...a bunch of it I had asked for, but some of it he just got for me. A fridge (and freezer) very very full of fresh foods...veggies, meat...all the stuff that's hard to get here. And see that whole drawer full of yogurt? THAT is serious love. That is my favorite yogurt, and I can't get it here.

A Papa Murphy's pizza--not only did he 'make dinner' for me, he also got my favorite kind: veggie ranch (with tomatoes, onion, spinach, artichoke hearts, zucchini, and hey, with all that goodness, I don't mind the mushrooms!)

A new rug for our living room--which used to be cold and bare and cave-like. The rug is sooo soft and happy on my bare feet! And I really couldn't care less that it clashes with the couch (see upper right corner!). After all, the rug is ours and we'll take it when we move, but the couch goes with the apartment. (Also note that he got me new tennis shoes for aerobics--I haven't had a new pair of tennies in, erm, about 7 years I think. and the last pair has most definitely given up the ghost!)

The classic, red roses...not something I would ever ask for, but something that does make me feel special all the same...even if the only 'vase' i have here is a blue plastic pitcher!

And this is actually probably the sweetest thing of all: 4 seasons of a show.
When we were first married, we used to watch an episode of X-Files almost every night after W was in bed. It was shorter than a movie (so great for a weeknight), but didn't have the interruptions or lack of choice that comes with watching TV. After 10 seasons of X-files, we watched 10 seasons of Friends, then 7 seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We started The 4400 but it got dumb. I started watching Angel (Buffy spinoff) and he started watching 24, and neither of us could stand the other's show, so we didn't watch them together... So we've been without a show, and we've been missing that couch time together each night. So Hubby borrowed these from my second cousin (who lives in Juneau), and now we have months of "date nights in" ready to go! Yay!

I think my Hubby loves me.


RasJane said...

Your hubby loves you indeed!!
That is our 2nd choice yogurt-yum yum. And I love the rug. Did he really pick that out all by himself? He's a keeper! :P

Jen Sue Wild said...

What a great hubby !!
I bet you were thrilled...

Thanks for comenting on my blog.
I would love to share williams Story with you if you send me your e-mail I will send it to you in the next few days...

Mae said...

That is love! To me, it's having someone remember the little things about you (like your favorite pizza, or yogurt, or shoe size!) My own mother always forgets about my smell issue, which always kind of rankles.

Another few TV shows that I've really like to watch on DVD are Lost (you can watch current episodes online each week, but I'm more of a fan of the DVD's), Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, and the 1st season of Desperate Housewives. (I haven't seen more than season 1 of DH, but the first season was hilarious, not at all what I thought it was going to be like)

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