Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Not My Laundry Day

Just in case you got the idea into your head that I was some kind of Laundry Queen, let me set your mind at rest--I am not. I have been taught how to excell at this...but I don't actually do it very well. Last night, at 9pm, I realized that the load I had put in the laundry at 8:30 am was still sitting in the washer...still wet, and now a little, erm, special smelling... I had to run it through another rinse before I could move it to the drier (at nearly 10pm) and I didn't go collect the clean clothes until this morning.
This is a normal occurance at my house. I SHOULD do the single-laundry-day plan, because then i'd keep it moving, but I do the one-load-a-day-on-some-days-and-two-loads-on-other-days-and-skip-some-days method.
Right now I do have to tromp downstairs into the cold basement to do laundry, but even when the washer was right across from my sewing room I always forgot about the laundry. It's just how I am I guess. (In college I was VERY on top of things, but then I had a regular laundry day and did it all at once...)
I have regularly been known to grab the huge heap of clean clothing and pile it on my sewing desk so I could climb into bed at night. I also follow the principle of "if it won't wrinkle, there's no need to fold it" and so there are more than a few clothing drawers in our house that are just stuffed, not stacked. Hey, the stuff is clean, and this is faster.

By the way, as a postscript to my other laundry post...I wanted to add the comment that I am NOT a fan of having everyone do their own laundry. I think each person should learn to do laundry, yes--but they can learn by helping with the family loads. If you have each person do their own, then 1--they need more clothing to be able to make a whole load with only their stuff. 2--more loads need to get run in a week (taking more time, using more soap and water, etc). 3--unsupervised children washing laundry is more likely to result in pink socks and shrunken sweaters....let them learn by helping you, rather than dropping them in to swim on their own.

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