Saturday, March 29, 2008

200th post

Well, I suppose it was inevitable. I mean, with two months of more posts-than-days-in-the-month...yeah, I've reached 200 posts. The 100th post passed in the night and I didn't even realize I'd written it until after the fact. A lot of folks do something special for their milestone posts...listing 100 things about themselves or holding a giveaway of some sort... I was debating about that, but ya know, I don't know that I can think of that many interesting things about myself...and even if I could, I doubt you'd want to read them all. So how about we divide by 10, and for my 200th post I'll just tell you 20 interesting things about me?!

Or at least 20 things...

  1. My favorite color is pink. Has been since high school. I particularly like hot pink.
  2. I prefer to wear blue or turquoise, because it brings out my eyes better.
  3. I love earrings, but I almost never change them, so I refuse to buy more, no matter how cute they are.
  4. I like hot cocoa, but not (cold) chocolate milk.
  5. I hate marshmallows.
  6. I love chocolate, but I don't think it's worth it unless it's GOOD chocolate. Hershey's tastes like wax. Oh wait, it IS wax.
  7. I like my ice cream in a bowl, not on a cone.
  8. I generally prefer vanilla ice cream, but my favorite flavor ever was grapefruit, which I got in Italy.
  9. Grapefruit is one of my favorite things on earth--I love to eat it, and I love the scent too.
  10. I live in a salmon fishing mecca...and I don't really like salmon.
  11. I love sewing, but it just frustrated me as a kid. I spent more time picking stitches out than sewing them in. I never dreamed I would make an income from it.
  12. I was painfully shy as a child and teen. I wouldn't even look a stranger in the eye. I utterly refused ANY form of public speaking. I wouldn't even say a family prayer over dinner if we had guests.
  13. Then I went on to be a theatre/education major in college. I don't know what happened in between!
  14. I do not like the colors burnt orange or puce. Both remind me of vomit. Even the name 'puce' reminds me of vomit. Who wants a vomit-colored crayon anyway?!
  15. I love to talk. A lot. Oh wait, that's not very interesting...and you already knew it, didn't you?!
  16. I am really really really opinionated about most stuff. I am always up for a discussion or debate with people who agree or disagree...I can respect a choice that is different from my own, so long as it is based in *research. I reserve the right to NOT respect any decision which is NOT based on *research.
  17. I enjoy over-intellectualizing things. This probably began when my father taught me to sing nursery rhymes about "A Trio of Obnoxious Rodents" rather than "Three Blind Mice..."
  18. I am about halfway through reading the complete works of William Shakespeare.
  19. I also taught English, and cannot turn off my teacher's eye when reading...spelling and grammar errors always jump out at me. No, I don't really judge people on them (at least I try not to--I know I make mistakes too), but I confess that if there are a lot of them, I usually stop reading from that writer because it makes me crazy.
  20. I love dogs, and our dog is quite literally one of the children. A sub-human child (always bottom on the totem pole), but still a child. That's why I made her a birthday cake.

*when I say 'research' I mean studying the issue, not that it always has to be a scientific matter. Pondering, praying, reviewing, talking to people, etc all constitute 'research' to me. Blindly following something somebody said, just because 'they should know' is what I cannot respect.


Mae said...

Have you ever tried Ghiradelli (sp?) chocolate? It's pretty good compared to the wax varieties. But you know I can't taste very well so take it with a grain of salt.

Incidentally, Puce is actually a purplish-brown, not green. I always thought it was green too (most people I know think it's green) I wonder how that got started?

I felt the same way about sewing as a kid, too.

saskia said...

hee hee, you are a bit like me... Though I am not an English major, but I hate to see mispellings, though I do them regularly in my blog, because I blog soooo much, that I just don't care.

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