Friday, March 28, 2008

Banished to the Island

My Hubby posted about this, and I thought it was kinda fun, and I have been blogging longer (and have a wider readership) so I thought I'd post it here, and link back to his post (and increase his traffic), and, yeah. ☺

It works like this: say you have an island, somewhere in the middle of nowhere (like *Chichagof? Naw, more nowhere than that!) You can choose three things to banish to that island--once banished, those three things will no longer exist in the rest of the world.
Hubby's friend chose funny things (you'll have to go read about them!) Hubby chose more serious things--things I might choose myself. But I think this question deserves some serious thought, so while I could be content to duplicate his answers, I won't.
Here are my three things to banish:
  1. Indifference. If people just cared about each other and our planet then the world would be a much nicer place. Everyone would vote, everyone would recycle, everyone would smile when they passed people in the street, everyone would stop to help, everyone would adopt stray dogs and spay and neuter their pets. Nobody would assume that everything was somebody elses problem.
  2. Lying. Everything from perjury to little white lies. All gone. If everyone was honest, the no one would ask your opinion unless they ACTUALLY wanted it. No 'does this make me look fat' or 'how are you' when all they want to hear is 'fine thanks.' I think it would be very freeing if we were all more honest with each other. No, I'm not fine, I'm tired and frustrated and stressed... Seriously, I am so sick of having people ask me questions when they don't really want the answer.
  3. And, well, I'd like to get rid of the color orange. I have just never liked it. (If I hadn't said that, I would have gone with money...I hate money...)

*Chichagof is the island where I live


Anonymous said...


Becky said...

Wow, that's really thought-provoking!

I especially like your #2. It seems like such a nice idea, to only ask a question you are really prepared to receive an honest answer to. I can see that it would create much closer bonds with other human beings.

My mind especially goes towards the infamous pregnancy question, lol. "How are you feeling?" As if people really want to know, right? But if they didn't want to know, then they wouldn't ask. And if they did want to know, they might sympathize with pregnant women so much better!

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