Friday, March 7, 2008

Happy Things

Yay for little happy things!

For example, I just posted this wetbag for sale yesterday, and today it sold! YAY! (which just goes to show that people besides me DO like leopard print! I knew it!)

Also I just learned about a program called Goods 4 Girls. Many of you may have seen the TV commercials about how many young girls in Africa are unable to attend school because they don't have any kind of menstrual protection...well, while kotex is making all their adds about how they will donate a tiny percentage of sales to help these girls, Goods 4 Girls is actually sending them cloth pads--a dozen washable cloth pads will provide for a girl for years, not just for one cycle! I'm talking to somebody right now about setting up my store that people can buy my pads to donate (and I'll ship directly to G4G). I'm going to offer a discount for folks who donate because I think it's a great cause to support!

1 comment:

Aurora said...

This is such a GREAT idea!

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