Thursday, March 6, 2008

What Fun!

Alright, so I've had the 'who visited me' widgit for all of two hours now, and I just hopped online for a minute to check whether our tax refund has hit the bank yet (state did, fed is scheduled to hit tomorrow YAY) and I thought I'd pop over here and see if anybody had visited me.
Not only do people visit me, but people that I have no idea who it is!!
There are a bunch of entries from Salt Lake City and Provo UT--I know a bunch of people there so no shock... I know who I know in Broomfield CO and in Wasilla AK. I even have a pretty good hunch who I know in New South Wales (Australia)
But I didn't know I knew anyone in Crystal City MO, or Selbyville DE, and I definitely didn't expect to see a reader in Amsterdam...or Saudi Arabia!!!
Wow. I feel famous!
Very cool.
Hey all you people from all over, leave me comments and say hi! Better yet, go visit my store and buy stuff! I've spent a goodly portion of my day today adding listings and updating the photos there (I am no photographer, but I'm learning a few things about taking better pictures.)

Oh yeah, and do my homemakers meme, ok?


Becky said...

*waves hello*

Leiahs from MDC here :)

Anonymous said...

That is a supper cool widget, by the way! Uh, there was something else I was going to say....

Jenni said...

I'm in Maryland, but I think sometimes it shows from VA, cause I'm right on the line.

MMM&M said...

hey-- I'm here via Rasjane, who is my, hmmmm, nephew-by-marriage's-wife? so my sort-of-niece? haha.

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