Sunday, March 9, 2008

Party Chatter (updated)

I will update this post as new visiters ask questions in their comments... (new stuff added to the TOP of the post)
Whether you're a regular reader or a first timer, feel free to ask questions! After all, the chatting is the best part of any party!

Do you know about
Yup. I haven't actually been there, because I had the understanding it was more for used stuff rather than new...I do all new so I'd never considered selling there. I also really like etsy and the whole handmade mindset.

By the way, in case anybody wondered, I sure hate daylight savings time. It is stoooo-pid!

I saw on Oprah once that it was really expensive for just milk in Alaska, is that true?
Well, yes and no. It's about $8/gallon where I live, but we are more rural than most (go visit that link!) In Juneau, and I presume in Anchorage and other bigger places, it's closer to $5/gallon. In other words, just a little more than Seattle. A lot of things here cost more, but a lot of things don't...eggs are about $3/dozen, which my mom says is what she pays in Seattle. Gas is $3.50 right now, unless you buy it out here where it's $4.16...but we are a tiny fishing town 90 miles from anything and accessible only by boat or seaplane. We have one little general store and the internet...that's about it!

OK, I thought our 6 inches of snow in KY was bad but THREE FEET!
Well, we ARE in Alaska. It's already melted a lot (we are in the southern reaches on the coast). Technically our climate is a 'temperate rainforest.' Average annual precipitation: over 100inches.

Wow. Bald eagles snd bears? Cool.
Yes it is. Very cool! We are tucked in on the edge of National Forest. There are grizzlies in the woods, seals and king salmon in the water, and Bald Eagles and Great Blue Herons overhead. A few years ago a pod of whales wintered in the inlet almost right in front of town. It is truly a remarkable place!

So, all those cool prizes...which ones interest you?
Oh yes, I'm supposed to list that out! This is more or less in order of preference...
#94 book light
#141 "I make milk" tee shirt
#36 marketing
#55 or 59 cash prizes
#24, 45 or 123 blog design
#19 klean kanteen sippy cup


KarenW said...

I've always wanted to visit Alaska. Maybe someday. Enjoy the party!

Mary Jo said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I enjoyed yours too! I just moved to MA in September from Fairbanks, AK. I definitely miss the slower pace, the moose sightings, the wilderness...I also noticed that you make wet bags. Do you know about WAHMs sell them there and I just bought one from a WAHM last week. I'll definitely be checking back at your blog. Thanks for the invite! :)
Mary Jo ( said...

Wow, I sounds Alaska sounds really amazing...

Have fun at the party!

Restless Housewife

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