Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Very Best Nursing Bras

At least, this is my favorite place to get nursing bras.
For starters, they are the only place I have been able to find nursing bras in my size! Yeah, I'm one of those classic hard-to-fit ladies...and I have a hard time finding bras in my size in the first place, let alone a variety of them, let alone pretty ones!
But Birth And Baby has it all! One item was not in stock (they had to special order it and it took about 3 weeks), but they at least offered it, and nobody else did!
So here's the short version of why I like them, and heartily recommend them to everyone!
  • Excellent measuring instructions, to help you get the right fit. I had measured myself for bras before, but never had instructions this thorough, and never gotten this size before either...and what do you know, these new bras (in the new size) fit better than any others I've ever had!
  • Over 75 styles of bra from 25 companies, with sizes from 28A--48L/M! plus each bra listing includes a notation of which breast shapes it is best suited to!
  • The lady who answers the phones is very helpful, and really knows her products. She helped me through the measuring process, and was able to recommend a bra that I have LOVED even more than the ones I chose for myself!
  • They have their bra pages sorted by size range (so you don't start coveting a bra only to learn it doesn't come in your size), by type (underwire, seamless, sleep, color, etc), or by the company that makes them.
  • They will accept a return/exchange after you have tried on the bra for 5-10 min, so long as you didn't leak milk on it!
  • $1 shipping; so it's affordable to make returns/exchanges if you need to.
  • They can special order pretty much any size, and are happy to do so. And they'll take returns/exchanges on those special orders too.
  • They have other stuff besides nursing bras...I have no idea what the other stuff is like, but I sure love their nursing bras!!!

I recently learned an additional fact about them! The lady who owns it is LDS and a LaLecheLeague leader, so I kinda like supporting her in the first place. Secondly, if you sign up your local LLL chapter with B&B, then mention them when you make your order, a portion of your purchase price will be donated back to your local chapter of LLL. How cool is that?!


Becky said...

Wow, thanks for the info and link. I used their bra calculator - 40 F?!? I've been buying between 38 C and 40 D. Do you think it's really that big of a difference for me!?

I do need a few extra nursing bras. Guess I had better start browsing and try a couple in this size, huh?

Brightonwoman said...

I measured at a 36G. Yup, G. Pre-pregnancy I'd been buying D or sometimes DD, but I went ahead and ordered the G, and wow, I've never had a bra fit so well!!
I did find that not all bras fit the same...of the three I got, I beleive two I got the G but one I exchanged for the F. That's why I recommend calling them though--they are very very helpful. And if the fit is off, you can tell them where/how it's off (gaping, pulling, etc) and they can help you determine whether you need a different band size, cup size, band extender, etc.

Jocelyn said...

Hi Jenni, got good news for you over at Hip Mama's Place..check it out! :)

Jocelyn @ www.hipmamasplace.com

Aurora said...

Thank you!

Katie said...

I thought I was happy with the bra I got there, but now I realize it doesn't really fit. That's not their problem, though. And at least they have my size range! The one I'm wearing is a 32F. The band is not as snug as it should be, and the cups are definitely too small, which means I need a 30H.

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