Friday, January 7, 2011

2010 In Review

I did this last year, and it was fun, so I thought I'd do it again.

Take the first most interesting sentence of each post, find the best one (or few) from each month, and post them together as a synopsis of my year. ☺(For your browsing ease, I have linked each post...enjoy!)

Bear's birth was empowering and triumphant. Eagle's birth was a thing of beauty and peace...and a whole new kind of power.

I was just putting on my seatbelt when Orion barfed everywhere.

Bear interjected, "I'm a cow."
These kinds of questions can keep one up at night you know. 

But really, who forgets their own zip code? Especially when they've had it for 7 months? Me, apparently. 

Since when is one person less of a person than another? Oh yeah, since forever.

Nothing like a camo nursing cover to say "you can't see me, but you know I'm nursing over here!" 

I don't fancy the idea of mummifying myself before I've even died

I also like french fries. With a LOT of salt.

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a boy in possession of a long skinny thing anything, will make of it a sword weapon.

Kids know if you are bluffing, and although they will call your bluff, they would rather be able to just trust you.

I admit it, I'm an idealist.

Here mommy, you can have a pretty pink money.
Oh, thanks honey, where did you get that?
From Daddy.

There is no such thing as too many cuddles, too many children, too much laughter, or too many books. (and other things my mother taught me)

It's ok to be "weird." Conformity is for those who don't have enough imagination or self-esteem to be themselves. (and other things my father taught me)

Reality is only limited by how little you are willing to dream (and other things my husband taught me)

I am Letting Go.

Crunchy Wench

Finding the book + seeing the movie + this recent train of thought + my recent path of trusting and following rather than trying to control things = perhaps I'm supposed to do this?

For the record, I didn't like clams before, and now that I've gutted and carved a few dozen clams, I have no intention of ever eating one again.

Eagle grinned impishly.

He walks and runs as though he thinks he's big, and he says three words. One is "dada" and the other two are not.

One dog in particular, Bibs, apparently had an irresistible urge to investigate those porcupines.

I'm getting in touch with my pagan side, and I think I'm a better Christian because of it.

God used me to make a miracle for someone who needed one today.

"After all, cows are solid at room temperature!"

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