Thursday, July 22, 2010

Me in Two Words

Earlier this week I posted on Facebook asking my friends how they would describe me in just 1-2 words.
I found the responses interesting, and thought I would share them here. (For those of you not on facebook, or who missed the query there, I would love to hear your responses as well.)

Crunchy wench
Oooo... I like that to, I don't think I can top it!
um...don't take offense to this but: Molly-Homemaker [my response] no worries, i don't find that offensive at all. Given that it's the career I've always wanted, and the part of my life that I care about the most, that's a compliment. ☺ and I can't imagine being offended by the molly bit either--why would someone be offended at being called an upstanding example of what they profess to believe. ☺
Braver than me. Oops that was 3 words! I would NEVER do this, people would slaughter me!
nurturing, capable
Earth Mother
Happy & outgoing!
B-awesome [aww, thanks Honey!] oh, and crunchy
Exotic soul!! :) Na, mama bear, or mama moose! :)
Loving Mother


Brandi M said...

I forgot to respond on FB. I'd say educated and opinionated.

erinrose said...

cute and quirky

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