Sunday, January 2, 2011

"One Day" by the Maccabeats

I enjoyed The Maccabeats' Hanukkah song Candlelight a great deal (obviously, since I shared it here!), so I went searching for other songs they had done. I love a cappella (or, perhaps I should say, I love good a cappella!) and I love that these guys are not only skilled singers, but passionately religious as well (if you pay attention, every boy keeps his head covered with a kippah, and several of them have the strings of their prayer shawls visible). How often is it that you find a music group that's composed of good, upstanding folks, you know?
Anyway, this song touches me, and I thought I'd share it today. It seems like a good way to start off a new year.

(When Eagle is upset, or having a hard time getting to sleep, I let him watch this 2-3 times and he settles right down. ☺)

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