Monday, January 3, 2011

Plans for 2011

Last year I took on a lengthy list of intentions, and fulfilled the vast majority of them. The year before I had a short list, and still didn't get to all of them...
This year, I'm taking a new approach. Rather than having specific goals, I have some general areas of focus; some mantras, if you will, by which I want to guide my life at this time.
  1. Family First
  2. Mindful Serenity (also stated as let it be, peace be still, it is what it is, or let go and let God)
  3. Celebrate
That is it.
There are some specific things I want to do in regard to these foci, but a lot can change in a year, and who knows but what the specifics may change as the months go I will write about those things as they come. For the present, this is where I am.

Family First (at the present) means that I'm putting my etsy shops on the back burner. I'll sew things to sell if or when I feel like it, but I will sew and knit primarily for my family, and I probably won't be taking custom orders.  I'll continue with my efforts to read to my kids regularly (even the big one, you might be surprised how much readers still enjoy being read to!). I'll continue to try to say "just a minute" less often. I will not hesitate to say 'no' to demands that pull me away from my children and spouse (which, by the way, includes facebook...I'm making myself a few rules that will keep me off it more, as it has a tendency to be quite a time-suck).

Mindful Serenity (at the present) means practicing mindfulness and surrender in the pursuit of personal (And familial) peace. It means stepping back from the stress and chaos that could be, and instead embracing gentleness and intentionality. It means releasing judgment. It means taking time to observe and ponder, and noting the interconnectedness of things. It means seeking the spiritual side of everything, even the mundane.

Celebrate (at the present) means that I'll continue seeking ways to make life a continual celebration. "Man is that he might have joy" and I thoroughly object to the notion that only 6 weeks of the year can be "the holiday season." My goal is that my family will have holidays and celebrations to enjoy all year long. (I'm working on a post with our annual calendar of celebrations.) It also means finding joy in the little moments of sunlight or barefootedness. ☺

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