Friday, October 22, 2010

Exciting Events

I just had to share a snapshot from my week...

On wednesday I went to the grocery store with the two younger boys. When we came out, I unloaded all the groceries into the minivan, and then buckled the boys. Eagle really hates being buckled in right now, and arches his back and complains mightily, so I gave him my keys to distract him as I buckled. I have done this many times and it is fairly effective. Then I shut the door and took the shopping cart to the cart-return (which was in the stall directly across from the van).
As I turned around to come back to the van, the horn started blowing. Oh great, Eagle had pushed the "panic" button on the key fob. Oh well, no biggie, I knew it would turn off when I started the car. He probably just was attracted to the button because it's red--that's more interesting than the black buttons I'm sure. So I grabbed the door to hop in...and you guessed it, he had also pressed the "lock" button, and every door on the car was locked. I checked.
I tapped on the window to make sure the kids weren't upset by the horn going--they weren't. Bear said something about the red button (he knows, he's pushed it a few times himself!), and Eagle grinned impishly. I leaned against the window and asked Bear if he could unbuckle himself (to get the keys away from Eagle and let me in). He can't reach the doorlock when he's buckled, so he couldn't just push it for me. He started to tear up and told me he couldn't undo the buckle--he's tried before, and never been able to do it. I was just hoping that maybe somehow he'd gotten miraculously stronger in the week since we last tried!
Meanwhile, Eagle was grinning and giggling and pushing buttons. I knew that pressing "unlock" once only unlocks the driver's door, and that it takes two presses in rapid succession to get the rest of the doors, so I went around to the driver's door. I was hopeful that he would push the button but I wasn't dumb enough to hope that he'd press it twice! He "locked" the doors a few more times, and pressed the "panic" button again too before he finally pressed "unlock."
All in all it was probably about 5 minutes that I stood there rapping on my windows trying to get my 11 month-old to push the right button.
I have concluded to not let him play with my keys anymore...or, at least, to not ever close a door while he is doing so!


Sprgtime said...

Ahhh, scary! I'm always afraid of this happening to me. I usually roll down my driver's window before returning my cart - I figure then I could reach in and unlock my door if needed.
Glad you got back in before too long. :)

ashley said...

Wow- sounds like you had quite the adventure! Glad it all turned out well.

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