Sunday, October 31, 2010

Stuff I made in Sep/Oct

Yeah it's a multi-month F(inished) O(bject) post. That means it's more interesting!

  • 3 sleeved bibs
    (would anybody like to see a tutorial for these? I think they're pretty brilliant which is why I snagged the idea, but I will post how to make them if there is interest)
  • wall-hanging remotes & controllers holder 
    we were really tired of cords everywhere and things getting lost in the couch or piled on top of the TV or stolen by the now everything has its own place! Everything fits down in the pockets, I just pulled them up for demonstrative purposes.
  • 2 halloween candy bags
  • 1 turtle costume
  • 1 sackperson costume
  • 1 blue velvet gown (and a necklace/earrings to go with, although that was a 5 min project, consisting of putting some beads on earring wires...yeah, hardly worth mentioning...)
Wolf as a Sackperson--he loved the costume again once the initial frustration of the day had worn off, Bear as a lion, although he doffed the hood immediately after the photo and didn't wear it to the party, Mama in the medieval gown, Eagle as a turtle...and you can kinda see the orange treat bags on the couch behind us.

  • 2 solarveil hats ☺

October is always sew busy. ☺

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