Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My "Soggy" Side

After that last post about my crunchy side, I thought you might want to hear about some 'crunchy' stuff I don't do...
  • I don't eat my placenta--if I hemmorhage I'll take pitocin or something, thank-you-very-much--there is a time and a place for interventions!
  • I do cut the umbillical cord (rather than carrying the placenta around in a bowl with the baby until the cord falls off naturally). (Seriously, does anybody else think that lotus birth is pretty strange?!)
  • I think planned Unassisted Childbirth is questionable and in some cases a really bad idea, for the same reason that they don't let surgeons operate on family members (the family is 'too close' to the situation and if something should go wrong it's better to have someone who is not as emotionally involved).
  • I ♥ root beer.
  • I also enjoy white flour, white sugar, and chocolate.
  • I use normal cheap shampoo and conditioner (until I learn to make my own at least).
  • I take sudafed if I'm that stuffed up. It's worth being able to sleep.
  • I give my kids (of all ages) ibuprofin or acetamenafen if they have a fever that's keeping them awake. Sure, fevers are part of the immune system's natural fighting process, but so is sleep, and I'd like my sleep too, so at night I have no qualms about drugging them.
  • I wean my kids when I want to, not necessarily when they want to. Sure, I believe in nursing for two-ish years, but Bear wasn't wanting to wean and I insisted anyway.
  • It didn't work out with Bear, but I have every intention of getting Eagle into his own bed (out of mine) around a year old.
  • Eagle loves his binkie.
  • I let my kids watch movies and play video games. Almost every day.
  • I don't like dredlocks. I know they're supposed to be the most natural thing you can do with your hair, but I really really don't like them and would never do them. Long hair, yes; but I'll take the time to comb it every day thanks.
  • I like wool, but if I'm knitting sweaters it's gonna be (chemically-treated) washable wool. No sense spending that many hours making something I can't put in the washing machine!!!
  • I love, I mean REALLY love milkshakes. I like the eggnog and the blackberry and the chocolate oreo...and I really really like the uber-fake strawberry ones.
  • I also like french fries. With a LOT of salt.


Brooke said...

I don't even think lotus birth is natural at all! Animals bite the umbilical cord off.
I was really soggy pre-kids and got pretty crunchy for a while after the first two, but by the time I had three... well, I kind of gave up on some things :) I still think many of them are ideal, just not always the easiest things.

Mallory said...

Ok, this post is just as great as your "crunchy" one! One of the biggest things that I do that would put me on the "soggy" side is spanking. Try as I might, sometimes I just whack that kid's butt to get my point across! And with food...I'm trying every day to get better, but I love junk food.

(Yeah, I think a Lotus birth is pretty strange. I would think it would be annoying to not be able to pick the baby up, without picking up the placenta along, too. -whoa, a lot of negatives in that sentence...did it make sense?)

Natalie Sadler said...

I just started reading your blog last month. I love it!

Also, I'm glad to hear from someone who realizes that you don't have to be "all-or-nothing" crunchy. I wouldn't consider myself crunchy, but I do have some crunchy ways.

Love the blog!

Janeen said...

LOL I had to chuckle about this one. I cannot at all get away with using shampoo, I have found I'm sensitive/allergic to sodium laurel sulfate (or at least, I'm pretty sure that is the cause of the issues I have). I itch whenever regular shampoo is used, even if it's only one time (like when I got my hair done last year). So, for the most part, it's conditioner or water washing in the winter and baking soda and vinegar in the summer (my hair gets HORRIBLY dry during the winter).

sara said...

You should read some of Sarah Buckley's research about lotus birth. It's very interesting. I don't know how big of a pain it would be. We leave the cord attached for hours and you kind of forget about it. I think it would start to bug me though.

Let me just tell you about placenta - or maybe not LOL. It is so much more than a protection against bleeding. I just think it's another part of the perfection of the birth process. God gave the baby a placenta to survive and when it's done a mammal can eat it and get more benefits! It's like nursing in that it sustains a baby but it also helps tone the uterus, protects against cancer, helps your metabolism, etc. etc. Placentas are truly awesome! I was fortunate to go to a placenta class at a midwifery conference. Wow!

I love junk food too. I guess that's what makes me soggy :) I don't know if I will ever do well at that. I'm really trying to lose weight but man - I LOVE coke, french fries, and chocolate LOL

Julie said...

I like your soggy side.

About the book said...

I'm writing an article about unassisted birth for Mothering magazine and was wondering if you'd be interested in voicing your opposition on the record? If so, please email me at jennifermargulis [at] jeffnet.org so we can set up a time to talk.

(I felt the same way all y'all did about lotus birth until I started researching it more, by the way. But not all animals bite the umbilical cord Brooke and we did a partial lotus birth that was really amazing...)

Sorry about the weird signature. The comment section won't let me comment under my real name.

All best,
Jennifer Margulis

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