Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thinking of mom

We had probably been in town here for about 2 days when I first saw this establishment:

It immediately made me think of my mother, because she used to call us "starvin marvin" when we bellyached about dinner not being ready yet.
Then of course I began to think of the other things she used to call us, and thought I would make a post of it.
Helpless Hannah/Helpless Harry--someone whining about how hard something was, or asking someone else to do it, when they were entirely capable of doing it themselves.
Hungry Mungry--(admittedly stolen from Shel Silverstein) someone who ate more than expected, or ate rapidly...often what came after being a Starvin Marvin I suppose!

As I was thinking of this post I think I had more, but now I can't think of them. Perhaps my sister will remember some and comment (please!)
Do you have any others from your households?


Mallory said...

"Off the table, Mable!"
"Ready, Freddy?"
"Let's go, Joe!"

I guess these are a little different from what you are describing, but I always loved and thought it was funny when my parents (and grandparents, even) called us names that weren't really our names! We did the Starvin' Marvin thing, too! Fun!

Kate said...

Whenever I would do something ditzy or dumb, my mother would call me "redhead airhead" since she couldn't call me blonde :)

megandjon said...

this is a great idea for a post. i don't remember names, but my mother would always ask us (when we wanted someone else to go get us something for us) "what, are your legs painted on?"

the hilarious thing was that as a kid i totally misunderstood that and thought it meant that someone had put paint on my legs, and not that i didn't HAVE legs and so what LOOKED like my legs was just a painted on picture. does that even make sense? anyway, i have to laugh at my little kid self. we are so literal when we are small!

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