Monday, March 29, 2010

Da Spice Rack*

*or perhaps more properly titled "The spices, herbs, condiments, and flavored oils of my kitchen" (in alphabetical order, for your convenience).
If you don't know what something is, or what to use it for, leave a comment, I'll answer. ☺
  1. Bay leaf
  2. Barbecue Sauce (Hubby usually makes this)
  3. Basil
  4. Cardamom
  5. Celery Seed
  6. Chili oil
  7. Chili powder
  8. Cinnamon
  9. Cloves
  10. Cumin
  11. Dill
  12. Five spice powder (chinese)
  13. Garlic powder (I also use fresh garlic often)
  14. Ginger
  15. Horseradish
  16. Ketchup
  17. Lemon-herb rub (from costco)
  18. Liquid Smoke
  19. Marjoram
  20. Mayonaise
  21. Mustard (yellow)
  22. Mustard (spicy brown)
  23. Nutmeg
  24. Oregano
  25. Parsley
  26. Pepper
  27. Saffron
  28. Salt
  29. Sesame seed oil
  30. Sesame seeds (toasted)
  31. Soy sauce
  32. Stir Fry Sauce
  33. Tarragon
  34. Teriyaki sauce (I like soy vey brand)
  35. Thyme
  36. Turmeric
  37. Vinegar (white)
  38. Vinegar (apple cider)
  39. Worcestershire sauce (Lea & Perrins brand, yes it matters!)
Is there anything on your shelf that you use often that I don't have? What do you use it for? Because, really, if I'm missing it, I probably need some. ☺


emilyjh75 said...

The only ones I don't have on that list are saffron and horseradish. I don't care for horseradish, and saffron is just too expensive. I don't have any pre-made stir-fry or teriyaki sauce, because I just make my own every time.

As far as what you're missing:

caraway seeds
cayenne pepper
crushed red pepper
cholula sauce
fennel seed
garam masala
Tony Chacheres
ground mustard (or did I miss that?)
curry powder
orange peel

Alicia and Justin Clark said...

I use most of these. I also use a lot of Johnny's, we put it on just about everything. Also use onion salt, sage, paprica(k?), occassionally dill weed, and I keep ranch dressing powder handy, I also like to keep red wine vinegar, white wine vinegar, and balsamic vinegar handy, occassionally use allspice when I'm making ginger snaps, and I keep a variety of cooking oils, since I use them differently depending on what I'm making, thouhg mostly I like corn or canola. That's all I can think of right now. :)

lynnette said...

i cant live with out balsalmic vinegar. i also can't live without fish sauce (or alternatively whole anchovies which i just cook into my stirfries until they disolve)-- fish sauce with lime juice and a little brown sugar is perfect on stirfried veggies especially if you include a lot of fresh herbs like mint or vietnemese mint and cilantro...mmm. oyster sauce or sweet soy sauce are also useful. also rice wine vinegar...but i guess i cook a lot of vietnemese type salads...

Carrie said...

Chipotle Tabasco. Holy heck that stuff is awesome. It makes the BEST sweet potato fries on the planet.

Kate said...

My husband enjoys foods significantly spicier/hotter than I even think about eating. As a result, we have perhaps 5-6 different brands/varieties of hot sauce in our spice cabinet. As for the rest of my cabinet, it is not nearly as extensive as yours. I've recently been trying to broaden my recipe repertoire so I'm hoping to start adding some new ones. At least I recognize everything you have listed, hehehe.

Alicia and Justin Clark said...

I forgot pure vanilla, hickory salt, and I like Cavender's greek seasoning, especially on moose steak, and we use a creole spice mix on salmon fried in olive oil. tasty! :)

Christa said...

my mouth started watering when I read Lynette's comment about fish sauce and oyster sauce!! I LOVE that stuff!
Being Filipino soy sauce gets used a lot in my house and so does apple cider vinegar.
I have found that if you go to the Authentic Mexican foods section of a grocery store that the spices are much cheaper, and they taste better in my opinion. I don't know if it is true of other places, but that's how it is here in NC.

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