Saturday, March 7, 2009

Musings on Home Pregnancy Tests

They have all these fancy home pregnancy tests now… “no need to try to decipher what the lines mean” they advertise, “our test shows you the words ‘pregnant’ or ‘not pregnant!’” Um, huzzah? Hubby made the excellent point that if someone is too dumb to be able to read the directions and understand that one line means no and two lines means yes, well, they’ve got no business having kids.
Yeah, I’m snarky. I’m allowed to be—I’m hormonal.
Also I am smart enough to understand one line verses two lines. So there!


Brooke said...

Surely you seen that practically invisible line 10 DPO and wondered whether or not you were imagining it... I know I have!! That being said I've used the cheap test strips the most, but I thought this made a good picture.

sara said...

I used a gazillion dollar store tests with this pregnancy and NEVER got two good lines. Even though I was pretty sure I made dh go get me a digital one. It was nice not to wonder and just see the "pregnant" pop up. I like to save my pregnancy tests though and the digital ones only last for a day or so, so that kind of stinks.

alisaterry said...

I used a cheap one the first time and then, since I didn't want to be pregnant the second time, I used two cheap ones and one digital one. I still have them, too. Is that gross? keeping a three year old and one year old pee stick for a scrap book?

mzzmyrick said...

Loved this post. I worked in a medical lab through college, and they use simple urine pregnancy tests, they actually reminded me more of the cheap dollar store tests than the expensive pee sticks and even digital.

I too can decipher between one and two lines. But the first time I ever got a positive test I did it over and over, with a faint line. Just in disbelief we did a digital one for fun. Three years of trying, medical assistance what a great feeling to see that faint second line.

I don't waste my money on the expensive ones now. Cheap ones work just a well for me.

Janeen said...

Even better? Get the ones that are basically the INSIDE of the stick! Those are even cheaper! I actually got a few of them for free from a mom who got a bunch of them off of eBay. I just use those instead of the regular home pregnancy tests but yes, I do have to admit, when I was pregnant with my daughter, I used a digital one. lol

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