Saturday, July 26, 2008

Inside My Weird Little Mind

What's the first thing you check on the computer after you turn it on?
I open several windows at once: usually blogger, email, and the NaturalLDSLiving forums. Sometimes etsy too, especially if I'm in the middle of a custom order or something like that. It's very rare for me to only have one window open at a time.

What are 3 of your pet peeves?
*Rude smokers
*People who complain a lot, or who ask for advice but then refuse to follow it
*Calling the facilities "the bathroom." Really, I'm not going in there to take a bath and we all know it! In Canada they call it a "washroom." I guess that's a step up, because I will be washing in there...but first I'm going to relieve myself. I appreciate that calling it "the pooroom" feels rude, even if it's accurate, but surely there must be a better option than BATHroom?! The British sensibly call it a "Loo" and I'm partial to that term myself--it's short and simple without any hoity toity pretences. In France and most of the rest of Europe they just face facts and call it "The Toilet." (Hey Kate or Lynnette, what do they call it Down Under?)

What's your favorite thing to splurge on?
Define 'splurge.' In college it was buying myself a $2 bottle of nail polish. Until we moved out here it was getting a (virgin) daquari and dessert when we went out to dinner. Right now it's probably making (and eating) far too many of my favorite brownies. There's not much to buy here!

What's your least favorite chore?
Oh man, that's so easy: cleaning the toilet. I HATE cleaning the toilet. Is there anyone who doesn't hate cleaning the toilet?! I also dispise dusting. I get tired of doing dishes and sometimes of doing laundry, but I don't hate them the way I do dusting and toilets.
I'm surprised you didn't ask my favorite chore! That's at least as interesting! I love sweeping! I like it because I can see the pile of dirt (and dog hair) and I can see that I'm accomplishing something. I also may or may not have been known to enjoy certain mending projects...


Mae said...

I was always impressed (and a little confused) about how you could be operating so many windows at once!

I love sweeping, too! Too bad we didn't have more hard floors in Studville...But vacuuming is almost as nice...I like to hear the crackling that lets me know I've picked stuff up.

Carolyn said...

I detest sweeping. But I enjoy cleaning the toilet (sort of). But DH has good aim and I don't have little boys.

In Germany, the bathrooms all said "WC," which stands for water closet. I'm not sure why since closet in German starts with a "K," or it could be a different word entirely, but everywhere I went in Germany it was always "WC."

katef - said...

weeelll.... Propper Aussie slag would be 'dunny'... though you'd probably be laughed at if you referred to the 'bathroom' as that, unless you were in the middle of the outback, referring to and outside loo and used a really slow ocka Aussie accent.
I think most of us would just say 'toilet' as in 'where is the toilet?'....

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