Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Junk Mail

Yesterday we got home from six weeks on the road; last night I tackled the pile of mail. Oh boy. I always knew junk mail was annoying, but let me tell you, six weeks worth of it is a great indicator of just how MUCH junk gets mailed to me.
Here's the thing: much of it isn't default 'junk' (you know, advertising and that sort of thing), but it is stuff that I don't need mailed to me, and I think at least one or two trees died needlessly for me to get all this paper in my box.
I don't need catalogs sent to me--everybody has an online catalog, and since I'll almost certainly order there (if I order), I might as well browse there too. On the other hand, just because I once ordered something from a company does not mean that I want to continue receiving their catalog for the rest of eternity.
I don't need coupons sent to me. Just put stuff on sale (or don't) but what is it with this whole stupid coupon thing. If we could eradicate the world of coupons I think we'd all be a little happier...the people and the trees (and the landfills!)
I don't need paper bills sent to me--I pay online (don't need return slips) and I check balances online as well, so there again, no need for paper.
I don't need bank statements sent to me--the internet is marvelous.
I don't need checks--please send me money, but direct deposit saves time, trouble, effort, and, oh yes, does a little bit to save the world.

So, today's STW tip is to make an effort to reduce the paper in your life! Sign up for paperless billing wherever possible. Get yourself on the 'no contact' or 'opt-out' lists so that you won't get all the pre-approved offers for credit cards and car insurance. Contact the companies who are sending you catalogs you don't want and get OFF their mailing lists rather than on them. Sign this petition to support creation of a 'do not mail' service in the USA (much like the 'do not call' one we already have).
Pay your bills online. Use a debit card instead of a check. Send emails--not lame forwards (and trust me, forwards are always lame)--but send real letters, personal missives, via email. Or just call people! Make your life a little more about people, and a little less about paper and stuff. (Eww, stuff!)


Rebecca said...

Junk mail makes me angry,seriously! Who gets honest to gods angry about JUNK MAIL? LOL

I'm a papermaker,though, so what can be recycled into handmade paper,is.I guess there's small comfort in that ;)

alisaterry said...

That's where I am a naughty environmentalist - I am a catalog whore! I love them! I love junk mail so much!

lynnette said...

i've decided you're pretty cool jenni.:) i like your blog. and i agree. junk mail and stuff is icky and should be banned. :-P

Becky said...

I appreciate all the links. I will definitely have to stop all these junk mailings!! I am outraged on a weekly basis how many useless catalogs and credit offers I get when I see what a very hefty stack they make. I'm like you, I do all my catalog shopping online, if I'm doing any at all, thankyouverymuch!

Jessica said...

The one that bugs me the most is the page mailed every month letting us know that we are NOT receiving a statement because we opted to receive it online. Crazy.

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