Thursday, July 31, 2008

Prayer is so Cool!

Last night I took Bear to knitting circle with me as I usually do. Our knitting circle is held at the library (for those of you who've never seen it, the Pelican Public Library is about 1000 square feet, and has a nice little children's section with toys for small ones like Bear). It's roughly the equivalent of two blocks to the library from our apartment, so I held Bear's hand and let him walk (rather than putting him in the carrier). This means he wore shoes.
[cue ominous music...]
We ladies were chatting away and Bear was playing happily when I noticed one of his shoes sitting on the floor near me. No worries, I just set it on the table next to my yarn. A minute later someone said "oh, he's taking off the other shoe" and again I didn't worry, figuring he'd leave it right there on the floor...only he didn't.
When the time came to go, I went to get the second shoe and it was nowhere to be seen. I crawled literally through the entire library looking under shelves and behind chairs trying to find it. We checked through everyone's knitting bags to see if he'd dropped it in there. (Bear, not to be left out, got on his hands and knees and peered under shelves with us. When I asked him if he knew where his shoe was he said "shooo!" and ran and grabbed the one from the table!) 20 minutes of hunting yielded no shoe, and I was literally out of places to look. So I did what I should have done in the first place: I sat down and whispered up a prayer for help. Then I sat very still and tried to open my mind for answers. I re-searched in several places I'd already been, but at one point I sat up (rather than crouching over) and out of the corner of my eye, there it was: tucked into the upper part of a folded folding chair which was stacked by the wall in the corner by the copy machine. This was a place where it could have gone unnoticed for months or years (the extra chairs are rarely used).
Thank You Heavenly Father! I know that prayers are always answered, but it's always a nice little spiritual boost to have an immediate and obvious answer like that!


Carolyn said...

I love special moments like that!

Mae said...

I LOVE moments like this. We lost my nephew's "dee dee" (blankey) when he was 3 and searched EVERYWHERE. I suggested we pray for it, and B wanted to say the prayer. So he said, "Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for...(etc) Please help me find my dee dee so I can sleep, thank you for ...(etc) Amen." It was the sweetest, most sincere prayer ever. We turned around and there it was! Where we had already looked.

Incidentally, I have no faith that I will be able to find a kid shoe unless I immediately pick it up. I'm not a parent yet, so I still have energy to act on each and every single dropped shoe.

RunninL8 said...

It's so nice to experience those brief but uplifting moments. A taste of the etheric that elevates you up a level!

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