Monday, July 21, 2008

The Truth About Flossing

Well, the results are in. 26 people voted, so I'm thinking that's a decent slice of the planet, right? Clearly this sample should be an accurate indication of the population as a whole!
And the numbers are
[drumroll please!]
50% brush first and floss second
35% floss first and brush second
15% [gasp!] don't floss at all
Of course, a number of people hastened to comment that they have an extra little brushing at the end, or a substantial swish (or two) at various points in the process, and that I have over-simplified the matter. Be that as it may, I think the evidence is clear: 1 in 6 people ignores their dentist's recommendations on flossing!
On the one hand, I guess I 'win' because I'm in the 'brush first floss second' party, on the other hand (as two commenters pointed out), they brush first because that's essential, and then they floss second if they get to other words, the order is not about effectiveness, but about the reality of often being interrupted or distracted or collapsing from sheer exhaustion before the job can be completed. Not very solid support on the whole brushing first thing after all, is it.
So, the real point here is, kudos to the 85% of you who floss with some regularity...and for the rest of you, well, I have sad experience with the fillings that follow non-flossing. I recommend starting the habit immediately.

For what it's worth, I had so much fun with that whole polling thing, I'll have to think of something else to poll about! Any suggestions?!


katef said...

Well there you go.... interesting stuff really. I love finding out about all these little personal details, things that you just assume everyone does the same as you because you never stopped to think that there was any other way to be! LOL

RasJane said...

Hmm, interesting results.
I admit to being one of the people who don't floss. Never really have much. But then, I've never had a cavity. And I only see the dentist when I get around to it. Once every 10 years or so I guess. Maybe I was just blessed with good teeth.

Mae said...

It's funny how a couple in-between the teeth carries and a little maturity improves your flossing habits!

Now I'm a solid gold flosser! (As opposed to having solid gold teeth...)

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